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  1. Guitar Slayer Alien Vs Predator GTA Boobs
  2. Parkway Drive Carpathian Job For A Cowboy All That Remains ---------------- Pretty much every Hardcore/Metalcore band. And to Slayers post; Maiden still rock man the rolling stones are still doing there shit and they are grandpas why can't Maiden do it?
  3. Top 5 Favourite songs would be Kings Of The Carnival Creation-Dimmu Borgir (IMO it has the best arrangements) Raining Blood-Slayer (One of the greatest riffs ever written) Decade Of Therion-Behemoth (So fast, So angry yet so awesome) Eaten-Bloodbath (I love a song about getting eaten) How The Gods Kill-Danzig(Has one of the best clean riffs i've ever heard)
  4. The Biggest Grin In The World, I'm A Happy Drunk Lemme Alone. I'm the mad dude with the Jim beam can Me and some mates trashed
  5. Vertical Bird Mission Passed!: http://gtasnp.com/download/6839 NO CHEATS were used. Enjoy. Thanks man, How do you like the name change from COBHC666 to Antichrist ?
  6. No worries man. Pretty sick ideas though. Would be sick if this come into play someday haha.
  7. Should actually play a Mission with CJ bailing out on Brian or something.
  8. Episode 666-In Flames Love?-Strapping Young Lad
  9. HAHAHA. I killed the chick in Los Venturas who likes fat guys cause she said im skinny!
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