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  1. barcafc

    Official Nintendo Discussion

    SSBB- I think its Feb-April for australia. Cooking Mama- Very good and alot of recipes and good to learn the recipes. can't wait for cooking mama 2 wii this year!
  2. barcafc

    Type your name(s)

    azKEWXZ (ALEX) lol its hard.
  3. barcafc

    The last thing you Googled

    AMF (bowling)
  4. barcafc

    Soccer TALK

    England - Premier League FT Derby County 1 - 2 Blackburn R. FT Manchester C. 0 - 0 Liverpool Greece - Super Liga FT Atromitos 1 - 0 Veria FC FT Levadiakos 0 - 0 Asteras Tripolis FT Apollon Kalamaria 1 - 1 Iraklis Saloniki FT Panionios 1 - 3 OFI Crete FT AEK Athens 2 - 0 PAOK Saloniki FT Aris Saloniki 0 - 1 Panathinaikos Australia - A-League FT Newcastle Jets 2 - 3 Wellington Phoenix FT Perth Glory 1 - 4 Queensland Roar
  5. barcafc

    which site do you use

    facebook sometimes.
  6. barcafc

    Post pictures of yourself v2.0

    lol some of the pics are funny.
  7. barcafc

    Soccer TALK

    England - Premier League FT Birmingham C. 1 - 1 Fulham FT Chelsea 2 - 1 Newcastle U. FT Portsmouth 0 - 1 Middlesbrough FT Sunderland 3 - 1 Bolton W. FT Tottenham H. 6 - 4 Reading FT West Ham U. 2 - 1 Manchester U. FT Wigan Athletic 1 - 2 Aston Villa FT Everton 1 - 4 Arsenal Greece - Super Liga FT Ergotelis 0 - 0 Larisa FT Olympiakos Piraeus 2 - 1 Xanthi Skoda Australia - A-League FT Adelaide United 1 - 3 Sydney FC LIVE: HT Newcastle Jets 1 - 1 Wellington Phoenix
  8. barcafc

    Chevrolet Impala '60 (large images, 56K beware)

    but its similiar to NSW. Stop saying meh, whatever and ..... lol its so annoying, Lombz.
  9. barcafc

    Big Changes

    Keep the forum games, they are fun Warzone/RP sounds stupid! Keep general/lifestyle forums as they are good so i can talk about sports, other games and general discussion. There are alot of gta topics i think and gta place is going good.
  10. hy man! are you new? wassap? Do you like FC Barcelona like me ? :D respond pls.

  11. barcafc

    NFS ProStreet

    Does Wii version have a customise mode? Does any version have a customise mode? I suppose PS3, PC, 360 would have a customise mode? No wii doesnt, i think maybe 360, pc, ps3 might. Did PS2 just get rorted as usual with multiplatform games? maybe its your steering wheel
  12. barcafc

    What pisses you off?

    People fighting on forums but it can be highly entertaining. People who think they know it all and in my mind they dont. People who use weird terms like limbo, ..... especially LOMBII (WRX22b1998) No gta on WII delayed release of SSBB and many games! waiting for top spin tennis wii! Gran Turismo Portable is coming out Q3 08-09 Youve got your wish lombi! and many more. if you dont have anything nice or smart to say, then you keep it zippped
  13. barcafc

    Router Security

    look here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SYN_flood I think it might be a DOS attack, read the link, ask nick.
  14. barcafc

    NFS ProStreet

    I have the wii version, my brother (nick) has the mobile version on his phone. Wii version awesome. Favourite Cars: Corvette, RX 8, Skyline.
  15. barcafc

    PS3 or XBOX360

    Well if you wanna play GT 5 Prologue, Get PS3! Its a good game. Lol, your in limbo. Youve already got wii and you bored of it are you? PS3>360. it has GT 5 as an exclusive (PS3)