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  1. I must agree, it goes VC, VCS and then IV. Freedom though is something that GTA will never get, it's more of a Spore, or Sims 3.
  2. You know it's funny, it says on the game that 17 and under can't be properly monitored because of the growing bodies, the radical changes in shape, yada, yada, yada. I only use it to help me train in my own home, it has great exercises. It can't work with me properly, I mean it told me I had a 12 year old body, and I was 'wtf?'. By the way, I'm pissed that World Tour has sold out, WORLDWIDE, I have to wait till January to buy it for my Wii...stupid Activision.
  3. Graphics don't make a game. I love playing VC more the IV.
  4. I've had worse, just ignore them... Easy, if you don't have blocking.
  5. Looks like two legs are put together... Front and back. Maybe that's just me.
  6. You know its funny. With all the new games around, 'High-Def Graphics' and 'Huge Maps', I love going on my Wii and playing the old Sonic games, the old Mario one's. Hell, I brought Super Mario 64 on the Virtual Console and have gotten more hours of fun out of that then I did off the brand new Sonic Unleashed. I would have to say the same for GTA Advance, I love that game, still play it. Yes I agree that a huge map or lots of levels make a good game, it's gameplay! No matter about graphics. People that say it's going to be crap because of the graphics are idiots. Gameplay is what a game needs. The DS console make amazing games, as much as you might disagree, you have a look at the sales of DS games compared to that of the PSP and PS3, they will be higher. The Pokemon games are a classic example, both GTA and Pokemon came out around the same time, one on the PS and the other on Game Boy, both were quite high selling games, yet Pokemon won out. Let's bring this into the 21st Century, GTA 3 and Pokemon Gold and Silver. GTA 3 was released on the PS2 in late 01, while Pokemon came out a few months before (earlier in Japan), GTA 3 was then re-released on the xBox and Computer. Since then they have both sold the same amount 14.5 million for GTA 3 across three platforms compared to 14.51 on just the Game Boy Colour. I'd say Pokemon beat the so called 'most biggest game of 2001'. And that's just a puny little game, with 16-bit graphics, why did it sell more? Better gameplay. Before you complain and disagree, this is statical, you may have different opinions. Now GTACTW make have crappy graphics, or made on a console 'marketed for younger audiences'. The creators of GTA think they can use this console and it's features to make a good game, a 'great GTA game'. Be thankful that they are making it, so you can play something different from the normal cannon. By the way, I'm excited for it.
  7. That you did sir, Used to be fun in the RP. section. Oh I love to RP, still do it, I love it! Why'd they take that down? That is what scary stories are all about, Gory and messed up. The kid from Silent hill sees another women being burnt alive right in front of her. Don't think a vampire would be so kind to tell the girl to shut her eyes or something. I like how someone says it's scary, it's quite the laugh, trust me, other people who have read it said it was 'too gory', and that I should have 'toned it down'. HA! If you want it toned down, you can watch a PG-13 movie or read a sweet novel about love and romance. I'm sure if the kid did close it's eyes, Lily would chop them off.
  8. Hit it right on the buzzer. That's if the story was a huge red button on Temptation or The Price is Right. And thanks EVO, I thought I might come back with a bang.
  9. ^ You are correct sir, will get once I get laptop < Is just plain amazingly awesome. V Not as cool as Chuck Norris
  10. Lily was out hunting, for humans. Her burning desire to see some humans wither in pain before her was overpowering, she also wanted blood, she was hungry. She had been running around the forest for at least 20 minutes until she came across a family of three, a mother, a father, and their 4 year old daughter. She ran around the hiking family in circles, using the trees as cover, to scare them more. The father kept looking around, while the mother was holding their screaming daughter. "Who's there?”, Screamed the father from the middle of Lily's circle. "Show yourself!" Lily stopped running, hiding behind a tree. She grinned at her own plans. It's like taking candy from a baby, she told herself. She then put on a face of dazzlement and confusion, and turned away from the tree, walking slowly to the family. "I'm sorry if I scared you", She said to the family. "I got lost of a school trip and I can't find my way out of this forest". Too them she seemed like a sweet, normal teenage girl that just is lost. The walked up to Lily and put his hand on her shoulder. "That's okay", the man said. "We'll help you find your way out, isn't that right honey?” His wife nodded her head. "Kiss me", said Lily to the man softly, making sure only he could hear. Having to obey every command Lily gave out, he kissed her passionately. The woman screamed, making her daughter cry. It would normally seem odd for a 40 year old man to be making out with a 15 year old, this case was no exception. "She's only fifteen John!", She tried saying to her husband. That was until Lily pulled away, flashed her blood red eyes and bit into the man's neck. The wife was about to run when Lily pointed to her and yelled, "Don't move". Having to obey, the woman stayed in that position. Lily feasted on the man till all the blood was sucked dry. The four year old was screaming, "Daddy, Daddy!". The little girl struggled from her mothers grasp and ran to her father. Lily squattered down on the grass and looked the girl in the eyes and said, "Your father is never waking up!". Lily then jumped over the girl right onto the mother. She bit down hard on the mothers lips, making them bleed. She turned to the girl and said, "Come over and give your mother a nice smooch". The girl having to obey walked over and kissed her mother on the lips. "Kill her", she said to the mother. Again, having to obey, the mother grabbed a sharp tree branch and stabbed her four year old daughter through the heart, blood rushing out. "Stop", Lily screeched, and the mother stopped frozen. Lily leaped onto the daughter, pulled the stick out and tore off her shirt. Lily then started sucking out all the blood of the daughter. Wiping her lips after she had done, saying, "Mm, young blood, very sweet". She turned to the mother. Lily walked slowly to the frozen statue of a quite short, very beautiful 26 year old woman. Lily quietly spoke, saying, "Take off your clothing". Not being able to control herself, the woman took off all her clothing, piece, by piece, until nothing was left. "Now kiss me". The woman walked over to the 15 year old vampire and started kissing her; the blood from her lips was going into Lily's mouth. She could taste the red blood with a slight taste of peach flavoured lip gloss. Lily could feel every bit of the woman’s body against her's, excitement was running through Lily. The woman put her arms around Lily's neck, making the embrace more forceful. Lily wanted to go all the way with this woman, but the taste of the blood on her lips was too much for the vampire. When the woman put her tongue in Lily's mouth, Lily bit it off. Lily then cranked the woman’s head to the side, breaking her neck and biting right into it. Lily sucked the woman dry and threw her onto the ground, lying naked in a pool of her own blood. "Damn, I shouldn't have bitten her lip before hand, oh well, least it was as easy as taking candy from a baby", She said to herself out loud, running off into a distance.
  11. Heaps cool, they must be giving up on Vista or they know it's syte.
  12. Kotaku AU recently tracked down this quote posted on an Australian telecommunications news site. Interesting, reminds me of the 'manipulation of testicals using a weapon' scene that got Manhunt 2 in a lot of trouble originally. Please note that until Rockstar or Take-Two confirms something officially, this is still just a rumor. Source: RockstarWatch Source: Kotaku AU
  13. Um, the Wii version has like more extras then the PS2 version, and special Wii versions of classes and fighting moves, more fun then the 360 version for sure, just cause of the controls. Oh and the graphics are the same pretty much then the 360 version. Ew, I hate her so much, made me gag. It's really to show that he's rough around the edges, his life hasn't been that great, stuff like that, I'm pretty sure you could make CJ bald though. Dunno, but I think it suits him. (Unless your like me and made him goth)
  14. Just to let you guy know that Rockstar didn't actually make it, it was Mad Doc Software, which now is owned by Rockstar and it called Rockstar New England. Anyway, I'm surprised no one has talked about the Wii version, I'll start. The Wii version ownz both 360 and PS2, the motion controls they used in the game is amazing, every single mission/class has it's own style of motion control, thus making it funner the more you progress. I've played both the 360 and Wii versions, yes the 360 version is an upgrade from the PS2, it terms of everything, plus extras, it's just a port. The Wii version is a different game in it's own right, you see games from Third Party devolpers (Spiderman 3, The Simpsons Game), that try to make a great game with the Wiimote, and fail, but Bully: SE is what the Wii was made for. I think having Bully on Wii and having it that great test for GTA on the Wii.
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