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    juiced 2 help

    hey guys i remember playing the first juiced 2 demo if im not wrong and i remember it had a fps cap of 30 fps. i was wondering if there is now a demo out there that doesnt has the fps cap or at least is theer a hack or something to remove it. and i also want to know if the full version have an fps cap and is tere now a patch to remove the fps cap for full version. i remember seeing a patch for juiced 2 demo and itd also be good to know what it does thanx
  2. no offense but i can already see the thread about you failing to make the mod.so i dont think it will work out not just you many have posted in the forum saying lets make a big mod when you can drive submarines and do cool stuff.so i guess if you wannna try to make one like deji said start small. good luck
  3. did you try rebuilding archieve with imgtool after you installed??
  4. oh yes but you have to get those that people converted.welll still works like a charm.go to gtainside.com if i not wrong they have it about your previous question sorry i am not very good at that so i think you should start a new thread to ask.
  5. its not as easy to say lets do a mod of a gigantic cool underwater huge city. first you hafta find people who can do script so you wont drown in rapture and second modelers and others yea so i think it is not quite possible to do a rapture map btw still would be cool to have 1.^^love bioshock
  6. thanx.so how do i thankyou in this forum do you give the dollar points or something? i like to make you most helpful member in 2007 ^^
  7. u wont notice the difference unless you get a speedometer or do major changes
  8. so tell me isit that after u installed the mod isit like i replaced turismo with car b and when in the game the car still is turismo?
  9. erm hey i was wondering if any of you here have the original elegy car i need it so i hope you can help me out here
  10. erm i think you got me my first question was how that means if it is possible i want to know how to do it myself just like you i dont know how to mod.i wished i knew but now i need help
  11. hi, i have a question is there some way to let the cars you download off the net be fitted with the body kits in san andreas from the mod shops i like to try. i am a big fan of the wangan midnight anime series and game i got a 240z off the net well its not a s30z but it sures looks like 1 so i need to put a front bumper or else it will look ugly. and if you can i want to ask of you kind people to help me make a s30z like the one from the anime or let me know if you know where i can get one. or can you make me a simple bumper that i can place on the car(plss teach me how to if it is possible)
  12. well it would help if you told us how u installed your mods. mod installer? manual installing img tool2?
  13. hi i wish to make a perfect jester handling line or at least 1 that is good.i want to go above 330km/h without problems. so i hope you guys can help me out i only know how to tune the max velocity and acceleration and some other misselaneous the current problems tat i encountered is when i start driving it will have skid marks and i will be very slippery before i gain a bit more speed at it will stop skidding. and the other problem is when i am at higher speed i try to move to avoid traffics at the highway the steering will be less active as in it feels stuck. and when i try to steer at high speed it will skid and its hard to control it. i hope you guys can tell me what to increase and what to decrease. many thanks, papermun
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