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  1. its funny how all of you's are always assuming that u have offended some1 lol
  2. r u talking about the house like 3 blocks from north point mall? cuz that happened to me with that house i was pretty prissed and the garage only holds 1 car wich got me mad also lol
  3. could u tell me how to stop that cuz that is annoying how they always attack me
  4. when will i b able to go to the other island?
  5. oh thanx for all the info but i noticed that lance in vc doesnt wear glasses like in vcs he has a nice suit
  6. i was wondering cuz i just bought the game and was wonderin if vcs is taking place before or after vc becuase the sunshine autos is under construction (u no the one u buy in vc for 18mil i think or 18k, i dont remember)
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