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  1. I hope they bring the Huntley back, even an older model
  2. What type of safehouse would you like to buy, Apartment, Condos, Trailers, Mansions?
  3. If you do get the Large mansion back, do you think there will be more rooms you could enter? In vice city, there were only about 4: the pool, the lounge, the office, and the basement. What about bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens? And would you be able to do that in any house you own?
  4. Snow Being able to turn a car into a limousine, suv's etc. Ships way out at sea An actual BIGFOOT, UFO's, Sea creatures AI aircraft Ragdoll physics More realistic Car damage Planes break apart after being hit by missle Police use undercover cop cars Military attacks you with hunter at six *'s Keeping your weapons at home if you die Real estate Bigger Storms Bigger Cities Subways, Trains, Monorails Bigger "Area 51" Harder to get into Cops use spike strips More Enterable buildings
  5. They probably did, but it could have been a secret from the gov.
  6. I think the character should be a man cause thats who its always been
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