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  1. Venn

    First Video

    As i said, I used GameCam which completely lags my comp. I tried to avoid it by making them speed up with vegas, but soem clips became corrupted when i did this... like the first clip as an example.
  2. Venn

    First Video

    Well I've released my first video. Made within two days so obviously not much work put in, but I am getting the hang of bumps you may find a few in the video. you will see some are just ramps which you also may think are easy...but they're not lol because some go into "unique Jump" camera and it is hard to see where you are going. one more thing... gamecam lags the hell out of my comp. and i couldnt use fraps so some clips appear slowed down. (other are pretty fast because sony vegas can speed up clips). My friend asurezze uploaded this for me VENN This is only LS. SF coming soon! =) lol...my favorite (and hardest) stunt seems cut... sorry about this but i can tell you land on the side of the ammunation store. clip starts at 1:13...
  3. Venn

    [SA]Ghost's Stunt Vids

    I enjoyed these stunts. The Car grab was my favorite I'd say.
  4. Venn


    I really enjoyed that video especially since it was your first time =) I'm making m own first video and some things like you did I can't do
  5. Venn

    Fraps :: Help

    Thanks for the help, but I already have the exact same settings, and no counter. I've saved it to "Program Files" and I'm guessing that's the right place... or maybe it isn't?
  6. Venn

    [SA] Refuse me

    Very Cool stunts. I see alot of time was put into it especially the infernus stunts, They were professionally pulled off. Maybe you should have stuck in a couple of NRG stunts too =)
  7. Venn

    Fraps :: Help

    Hi, I'm new to the forums and I'm into stunting =) So I'm putting together a stunting video and I need something to record with, [sarcasm] so surprisengly [/sarcasm], I turned to fraps. But when I load fraps (start it) I do not see the counter in my game. I have seen it before when I didn't stunt to make videos and it's strangley not there now... Oh, and I'm stunting on San Andreas =)