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  1. I have question about gta sa mp It all looks cool but there is one question that i am wondering about how many mb do u spend on it while playing? are there any list of spending my minute or hours or something? please help me answer me if u dont answer il get angry :pissedred: :pissedred: :rofl2:
  2. frodomir

    San andreas multiplayer help

    i want to know how many megabytes will i spend per hour playing gta sa online? how many do u spend help meeeeeee
  3. frodomir

    moding help

    im not ut ho lol
  4. frodomir

    moding help

    Im writing this msg cos i need a little help! Heres prob. - i want to mod too so i tried to mod txd files... with that thd workshop and i moded some... it isnt good ... ok i ask u about tools for moding are there any other tools like txd workshop, AND what prog. r u using to work with dff files if u can say me or give me a link of working tool... thx
  5. frodomir

    Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    About planes - "They're just planes"? on What radio station you can hear"Deeper,harder,faster,deeper..."? lolo :pissedred:
  6. frodomir

    moding help

    lol u dont like my answer dont ya dem ya i asked no answer lol gta inside is better 100x times :pissedred: :pissedred: :pissedred:
  7. there r mods lol hehe bf2 is good mod :bleh: :bleh:
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    check the other topic's ! I guess that there aren't many gadget's to watch tv or movie's outside your house in San Andreas but this.. ... ... Or maybe it's a gadget, maybe he has a watch that can make a hologram of a tv . lol look that guy the tv isnt in his hands its over them he have special powers - levitation
  9. frodomir

    GTA San Andreas:Weird Things

    lol its gang game not ghost hunter dude i respect u u r from croatia like me but.... it cant be errors all the time sometimes shit happens or if the driver is good u can do all sort of things jebiga nemos tako
  10. frodomir

    Weird Stuff!

    i like that area u can see all sort of things in hell lol once i tried to open parachute i clicked to open it he pulls but it doesnt open lol and i die and when i appear at hospital i fall and die again even i didnt do anything no he gets the star he dont play on cheats some glitch idk
  11. frodomir

    Weird Stuff!

    oh i have some glitch on ps2 last days i was watching my bro killing the police after he died and he appeared in hospital Ventura cops there don't react he robs the police car policman open door threw him out and continued his way
  12. i gues its done its easy on ps2 but u know more than 1000 missions does your head never hurts u u lol and u could edit it on pc... but still its really easy on ps2 so i gues u did it even plane is easy to fly dere