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    Hey, this is me, like what you see then PM me, if not, on your bike<br /><br />Tiff26

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  1. I didn't know what border to put on, was gonna make it grungy but it didnt fit Kl, i agree with the china town bit, but i prefered putting ur name in the same font which made it different but in the same font I know, but i wanted something like a border so i threw on the crappy gta border thing for soem reason... Yh i put the images together more or less, and i like the colours I kept the style the same though but thanks for the feedback, i need some more practise but im getting there
  2. So yh, this is what i got, i want comments good or bad and i want peeps to remember that i knocked it up in about 20 mins lol Tiff
  3. Will do, i'll have a go when i get back from work tonight bout 5ish, i can't wait to try out my new version of photoshop
  4. Hey, this is a palce to get all your sigs and avis done All i need is size Optional info- Text, Pics, Colours, Borders, Other description Pretty new to it all so need some requests to practise with as i need to get back into photoshop Will make some samples and proper ads soon now coursework is finished Cheers Guys Tiff26
  5. I have a glass of water every night at about 10 o clock and believe it's aided weight loss... That's true but am trying out GTA Player's sig he's made for me cheers mate...
  6. I agree that the enjoyment of shopping means shit, its all about where you shop isnt it? I love shopping though and i'm gay if that settles n e disputes
  7. Another new lotus which is coming out is the Eagle which will be lush. I also like the Evora but not as much as the Eagle or Exige
  8. hmmmm, shitest game ever, i don't know, i don't play shit If i could say a shit genre, probably any sports game apart from the olympic ones becuase they don't need the shit beat out of them any more. Runescape is alright just has no structure at all and any structure you do find is broken down with a shitty quest to catch a chicken!!!!! KH AND FF FTW!
  9. You do know that by saying this you sound even more noobish lol Learnt not to do that on another forum, 5th graders can be so mean *Watches #69 explode*
  10. I just started playing FF12 for the second time last night and i am going to complete it this time lol I have to complete it before September becuase my brother will take his PS2 back with him grr
  11. Meh, this is me in GTA player #69's sunglasses...
  12. ^ Is a little blank (at least post something) < Is a noob at photoshop v Is in love with me...(Should be interesting)
  13. Everyone would be issued a tiara and all the ugly people would have jail sentences :S I think she could do alright, her hybrid veiw on alternatvie energies sounded good and would work if she'd thought it up herself lol
  14. that's not funny! yeah it happened to me When did it happen to u? I take it it was at one of the sleepover's or summit lol, great trick though, did it to family computer and no one could understand, loved it. Also nice work sky
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