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  1. <^v Thread rofl, it's cool! ;)

  2. ^ no, i dont < founder of crath.com v is going to register on it
  3. LMAO, dumb noobs, u dont copy somebody's freakin name
  4. http://www.freeipods.com/default.aspx?referer=10863832
  5. i tried with the flame thrower and granades but no luck
  6. did u actually test this?? (well try?)
  7. on that crappy gtaforums.com site, their movies thred has like 150+pages on it and i have the settings at max, hope this one gets as big :/
  8. I would like, accumulating snow snow plow missions diff quads destructable buildings
  9. ^ Has a cool avatar < !!got www.crath.com and needs a good ava v hasa crappy ava
  10. WOOT!! Crath.com ITS ALL MINE yes i got a domain, tell me what you think of the new site layout and the information center
  11. http://www3.estart.com/stores/media/oscar%20copy_2.jpg
  12. http://www.ocprices.com/Core/gtavc/gtavc2.jpg
  13. ^ thinks that we are running out of ideas but actually knows a bunch himself but he is not telling us < is doing the finishing touches on the quad he built v has a quad
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