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  1. i made a pretty good jumper use reg. paint. you just have to be careful
  2. CHURCHblue


    hi guys and gals, i am in need of a VERY good sat skin to use for cj. this one i fond is good, but it is for the army skin. any way to adapt? gimp suit maybe? much appreciated/.
  3. i have seen a 007 ppk on gtaworldmods.de is it yours?
  4. i also have this mod, the pilot jackets is supposed to be a life support system. but, it is complete with helmet if you use the fullface. i suspect that it is for use with the other helmet included.
  5. sure, i just want to change the stock wheel texture, ive already got new rims.
  6. hi guys. i just downloaded a au falcon ts50. but, i dont like the stock rims. plus the transfender ones are too big for the wheel space. any ideas on how to put some volk te37's or roja formula 7 on the base wheels. thanks in advance.
  7. thanks zoom always there to help. btw how did u get ur xb?
  8. i dont want to re install, because ive got mods that have been deleted, etc and i was in the middle of making my own.
  9. it says geforce 6200, the problem is it dosent even start up.
  10. i just upgraded my video to a nvidia geforce 6200 it was a geforce 4200 before, but now it wont run. any ideas
  11. no, use gta ultimate editor, its alot easier, and you can use any image type.
  12. it has happend twice. both on dififferent hardware. my save games are one of those download ones. cant be bother to complete on pc.. did it on ps2.
  13. no, i dont need the down grader, i need the v1 script.img and main scm
  14. do have version 1 files ?? where can i get them??
  15. hoodyarockstar.bmphoodyarockstar.bmpUPDATE: i have kinda figured out hopw to make the hoodie, i made a rays engineering hoodie,
  16. i have a problem in which all there is is a gaping big hole were it should be any ideas?
  17. lol yea nsw man.. the riff nah just think it would be good.
  18. hi guys could have a few thing made? pics can be upped if needed ba or bf falcon police canterbury track pants a sparco hoodie n(from tokyo drift) nike tn's ford falcon xy gtho much apprecited if made give dollars too.
  19. yes this would be an awesome car to have in sa also maybe xc cobra?
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