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  1. MAfirstkill2


    I lost Rockstar Games/Grand Theft Auto Vice City/Keys.dat and the Ultimate Trainer doesn't work without it, the game doesn't work either cuz when i start new game, it stops on the black screen "Vice Beach, outside Ken's office" So can someone upload the keys.dat file???
  2. MAfirstkill2

    Why does it crash on me?

    maybe a video driver problem, i duno...
  3. MAfirstkill2

    NEED HELP! Please read!

    I installed some car mods, they worked but when i installed a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo and replaced it with the Admiral (i made a backup file) and started a new game, the loading freezed at 4/5 and an error message appeared saying "Unhandled exception: c0000005 At adress: 0040e439" Then i installed the backup files and the game still didnt work! (I used the mod installer to install the car) I reinstalled the game and vice city worked again, but when i replaced the taxi with another one (a ford focus taxi) the loading freezed again. and when i installed the old taxi with the backup files it still freezed. Is it because of the mod installer or do i have to install the cars like showed in the readme? SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!! And... can someone please upload the keys.dat file in the same directory as gta-vc.exe? I lost it and now i can't use the ultimate trainer
  4. MAfirstkill2


    I had something that Tommy became completely white in cutscenes, hilarious XD