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  1. Dye

    Anti Alisiing screwed up

    Don't mean to bump but its on top anyways, I have a ATI radeon 9250
  2. OK well i changed my display settings and now its stuck like this
  3. Dye

    Post your desktop

    HA HA looks like one of my sisters friends, well not friends but some one she knows, HA HA big mouth funny looking face, same hair color.
  4. Dye

    Record movies?

    My FPS sucks when i use fraps though =(
  5. Dye

    Record movies?

  6. Dye

    Record movies?

    you can only record like 30 seconds on fraps though =(
  7. Dye

    Record movies?

    Anyone know a program i can buy or download so i can record my gameplay to make movies?
  8. Is there a vehicle called tanker? I have to export a vehicle called tanker i've never seen one. If anyone knows where i can find it pleae tell me
  9. Ok i have all the islands unlocked, I am pretty far im on the mission where you got to get some guy from the hospital, anyways all the safehouses are red, i cant buyt them? WHY?
  10. Dye

    Post your desktop

    I changed mine i get bored of them fast... still the same idea though nice wave and a nice @$$
  11. Dye

    Post your desktop

    HA HA HA wow thats a lot of icons i have 1... my recycling bin! lolnice
  12. Dye

    Post your desktop

    Heres mine... And no one steel it!
  13. Dye

    *SPOILERS* The Almighty Q&A Topic!

    I never get a response to that... its so hard! I HATE IT! I NEED A SAVE JUST PASSED THAT MISSION!
  14. Dye

    100% Complete ?!

    Just get a trainer... my favorite is Pizzadox's trainer... o ya +27 you know what heres the site http://grandtheftauto.filefront.com/file/P...7_Trainer;43026 You have to put it in the game directory mine is here C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas
  15. Dye

    is there a trainer that?..

    Ya i also need that trainer.... skipping missions.... see i've beatin the game no problem and then i got the hot coffee mod and i cant beat the mission a key to her heart because i have to slap her at the right moment but i cant and if i do it still doesnt work so if some one finds or makes a trainer to skip missions please tell me where to get it PLEASE