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  1. Callumpy


    It is defiantly possible to mod the games on a PS2 But obviously you need to be able to open the Disk in your PCs Drive and Also You would need to make a new Game Disk, so then your PS2 will need chipping! For the modding you need to change the files on the disk like on your PC version of GTA SA! As Said, Its Illegal
  2. Callumpy

    What's in a name?

    My Name 'Callumpy' Is A Combination OF My First And Last Name Callum Is My 1st And My Second Is Parkinson Then CallumP is my username at school were i got the idea! Then People Started Calling Me Lumpy Because if you take the 'Cal' bit off it says Lumpy So then i added them together and it became Callumpy And my avatar is Anti-VirginMedia
  3. Callumpy

    SAMI Error When Modding

    When i press install on the bit were it asks for a abckup name and a car to change it come up with a error about a 1 line string Whats wrong?
  4. Ah, fixed it now! The Problem was i modded a bike in the game with this: http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/file.php?id=1098 that was the thing stopping the game working! Thanks For Your Help and Replies!
  5. Yes, ive added some cars which were working before this happened!
  6. Hello.. This Is My First Thread Here! Please Help Ive just added the DirectX Hookup thing were you can have windowed mode and now it wont load the game in full mode, so i got rid of the windowed mode thing and when its loading my saved game the screen goes black and then the game ends and the PC sends me a error report! Please tell me why!