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    SAAT GUI Frontend

    Hey Guys/Girls, (Including Thegtaplace.com) I Recently Downloaded A SAAT Gui Frontend Quite a While Ago! What It Does: *Replaces Sound *Replaces Radio Stations If You Heard Of SAAT, This Is A Much Easier Version To Change The Sound! SAAT Might Be Very Confusing To People. But When You Change A Sound, You Get Something called GENRL. Which Appears In Your GTA SA Directory. If You Thinking About Changing A Sound, I Woulld Copy That GENRL Folder And Paste It Some-where You Know! The Disadvatages For SAAT GUI Frontend Is When You Replace Or 3 Sounds, All Your Sounds (Mostly Aircraft) Gets Mucked Up! Does Any-One Have A Solution Or A Download To Fix This Problem? http://gta-worldmods.t-n-network.de/phpkit...;contentid=2211 Website Is Above For the SAAT GUI FRONTEND! ZzLeoteczZ
  2. Hey, nice race car mods!

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    SAMI Error When Modding

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    First Video

    hmmm, first vid im doing is Blackout:sa my new map for gta sa coxming out at christmas 2008
  5. there is a slight error with my page, i like san andreas NOT vice city