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  1. RaZ-L


    depending on which genre you are listening to, but I personally listens to hiphop,and kanye west - flashing lights, is on his newest album
  2. RaZ-L

    PS3 Version Freezing

    I have a 60gb PS3 and mine are not freezeing. A friend of mine played 15 hours straight without it freezeing(on a 60gb), so I guess you guys are just unlucky
  3. RaZ-L

    Any news about code?

    I know I asked them same question in another threat but didn't get an answer so I'm trying again here, what do you guys mean by Achievements? I have a PS3 if that has something to say about it
  4. RaZ-L

    GTA IV back cover discovered

    Buy a next gen console and you might find out. I have a next gen
  5. RaZ-L

    GTA IV back cover discovered

    The hell? Stop spreading misinformation please, there are very few differences between the versions. The only MAJOR difference in the core game is the absence of achievements on the PS3 version. The achievements are going to be through PlayStation Home. maybe this is a stupid question, but what do you mean by achievements?
  6. RaZ-L

    Music section update again.

    guess I will post this here, looks like there will be a dj green lantern feat Akon, fat joe and fabolous song in the game aswell http://www.rapbasement.com/media/audio/dj-...so-fly-gta.html
  7. RaZ-L

    Three GTA IV Tracks?

    didn't know were to put it, so i guess this topic is okay. there will be a Prodigy / mobb deep song i the game http://www.rapbasement.com/news/50-cent/pr...video-here.html in the end of the interview "P" says: hear my new song in Grand theft Auto