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  1. uncircumsised bastard

  2. Yes you are Ahhhh admiting it again you poor poor freak fuck off......
  3. If you leave me in a soundproof room with 60 or 80 people and give me a machine gun...... THE whole room willbe covered with blood and the same thing with vlad playboy francis darko DIMITRI clarence and ivan ooo and Kate....
  4. Correct butwhere's GTA don ??????? probably in bed with Lola LOL!
  5. Hey artur nice edit and She's like a prostitutional Kyndl from S.A. BLOODY hell
  6. I've heard that GTA iv is a prototype because rockstars just testing the Graphics and type's of missions and new activities and in the next GTA there will be more stuff than in S.A. believe me.....
  7. I Want to say something: What is the name of the five girlfriends in the game and which ones do you lose!!!!!!!!!
  8. *Cough Cough* rascism as in nothing bad like swaring too much or insulting R* And I have a PC PS2 AND XBOX 360 soo stoping fucking the topic up....
  9. But Didn't CJ have a garage in san Andreas you lier show me (if you don't your a cock) but where in Alderney?
  10. I already have Gta iv that's why i said take turns with my brother i want somthing to myself. gta sa or gta vc?.
  11. Well Should I get S.A. or V.C. or should i take turns with my Brother for IV (please specify which system for particular game and no changing topic).
  12. Fuck you i got my DOB wrong

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