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  1. euloer--- <herbguru420>gmr tag i kick ass at car jack city and deathmatch
  2. I woulkd have posted right wen i got it but i ended up playing for 8 hours straight it is honestly the best game ive ever played
  3. i mean i can understand people saying o the handling sucks ect. but i think it could be that weve just ben spoiled by the fact that a station wago could handle like a ferrari in previous games i cant wait till i get it it better come in the mail tmrw
  4. Lmao, they putted that music on purpose only to represent San Andreas? u knw that the rapper cj was the voice 4 cj rite? i think he was yah im glad they finally got decent rap Nas is the best in San Andreas all the rap was kindof gay cept the nwa and too short . footage is that up or did u play it??
  5. i just want the game now to get boring.... and i highly doubt it will
  6. haah 4 aint even out yet but fuck if gta iv is this tight how fucking good will V be
  7. I just think that in free roam it would be fun to get like 15 other gamers and have epic showdowns with the police or hang on a roof top with a sniper and look for a fellow freeroamer or even stalking someone slowly in your car and waiting for your perfect opurtunity to take them out with a single shot it just seems like a way to get a massive ammount of stealth or destruction that isnt regulated and cops and crooks sounds good
  8. ill most likely spend like a stight 20 hours on storyline and wen im burnt out on that ill hit the multiplayer but on the other hand ther cud be some special feeling being one of the first to sign on to gtaiv multi
  9. i dont trust ea for example the madden franchise really only goes under cosmetic improvements but is coded pretty poorly like you can walk through walls and the stands and besides what looks good its essentilly unimproved and a little disapointing and another example is the battlefield games which just droped the ball for continuity and smooth play take-two really wants to make the best games possible and ea wants to maqke the biggest profit possible
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