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  1. I LOST MOST OF MY GTA VC FILES ---------------------------------------- Luckily it Didnt Delete my Up and Coming mod! Incase it Completely Wipes out my files ill upload it as soon as is Can
  2. Blur

    ^Thanks for support.

    YES! RED SOX are 1#. Boston!

  3. Hey dude,

    I'm going to the Red Sox game tomorrow :D

  4. I like all the Ideas about Tanks and Crusies and everything, and agree that putting children in would just be sick but it would be verry cool if: you could choose a job Select what type of face you have and what you wear (Like sa), your skin colour and things like that There should be more Planes and Boats and Trains You can customize any car (even trucks but only the Interior) a place where you can buy cars like Sunshine Autos and a place near the Sea where you can buy Boats Improved AI a Spedomiter you can buy an airfeild Assest like SA but one of the Main ones like a Private airfeild better blood you can see like a short Cut-scene when you die where you get pulled out of the ambulance and taking into the hospital and you see yourself going into surgery and then it ends or something like that and the Same when you get arrested. Thats all i can think of for now.
  5. ur welcome m8. It has got the Ford Falcon from Mad Max on there as well i think.
  6. a gr8 site for Classic cars for SA and VC ranging from the 1930's to the 1990's can be found here Hope this Helps oh and it has the General Lee
  7. Mr G

    British Cars

    thank but it looks like iv alredy bin beaten! http://gtagb.com but i found a Taxi, i still need loads though Bus, vans Peds
  8. Im gonna roam around the City take in the sights then do a couple of missions and again roam around and casue as mugh havock as possible and see if u can smash ppls heads agaisnt walls as well
  9. Hi I need Help for this mod i need Brittish Busses Police cars and Taxis because i cant find any anyware If any one can Help Please Respond or if anyone Wants in on the Mod also Respond
  10. Dude its Simple the only tool u need is GTA Mod Installer 5.0 or what ever is the newest then select Install a car/mod into GTA:VC that has a Script file then select the VC directory in the VC directory box and the Longh Night rar in the zip/rar box and is should install. Hope This Helps MrG
  11. Im also working on that. Dam it sucks i cant see the Pics but m downloadin now
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