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  1. cjthenightmare12

    My Final, Serious, Thoughts On Next GTA.

    I think that maybe it's time rockstar stop starting from the drawing board for a while. Maybe it's time for gta 3 guy to be the main character again. And somehow Carl, Tommy, Niko, gta dude (dont know his name), stories can all somehow fit into each other. Their stories may can somehow overlap. Then that would be like every gta game combined. By the way, I hope everyday that gta one day installs a create your own character feature.
  2. cjthenightmare12


    As a general reply, girlfriends past denise are difficult. Even though katie is a required girlfriend, there's a small secret. Just kill katie on the next date. Wait until your phone rings. Woozie will ask you about her you will spill the beans about killing her, and then you can just go back to the house and take the key card.
  3. Damn that video is awesome. Just amazing. Makes your version look like crap, but strangely still ready to play it.
  4. cjthenightmare12

    cheat maybe

    The new gta will be awesome
  5. cjthenightmare12

    Next GTA Location

    Well it could get confusing. I mean London would be all right, and Chicago, but we all have probaly forgotten that there could be a Gta:San Andreas stories. But then you might want to back track. They based a game on L.A., New York, and Miami. What about Detriot, or Atlanta. Personally I live in Detriot, so it would be refreshing to have a game here. Or they could just take a previous city and recreate it. But they probaly will NOT end the series with the money and reputation they earn from it. So let's look foward to GTA:5. And not let our kids get their hands on it!
  6. cjthenightmare12

    San Andreas or Vice City?

    I liked San Andreas better as you can see from my user name. But personally I believe vice city wasen't all that great. The 90's totally whooped the 80's ass , so I like San Andreas better.