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  1. Ok so I know you're not supposed to think about it or take it that seriously and I'm probably gonna catch a bunch of crap for pointing this out but I think that rockstar when making these downloadable content games, especially ones with intertwining stories should have paid more attention to the accuracy in which they intertwine. Like the diamond deal mission at the libertonian. Has anyone else noticed that in tlad you're sent to the deal right after kidnapping Roman for the russians, but in IV you've already rescued Roman from the russians before you've even met Ray? Doesn't make any sense.
  2. rosenberg

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    Yeah. well thats kinda what i'm saying. My ideal storyline would involve another italian mobster protagonist but this time really bring in the full effect of the mob world instead of just showing a little of it. But seeing as they've already had 2 italian main characters i doubt there will be anymore. Also I too like the idea of going back to the whole rags to riches story, instead of rags to moderately wealthy.
  3. rosenberg

    Let's make a bet!

    Well in the last era the initial game was set in the time it came out. And then the rest were all set in periods before that. I would guess thats what they'll do this time as well.
  4. rosenberg

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    Despite being somewhat played out I still like mob stories. I'd like to see them do with gta what they did in the godfather 2 game. Where at a certain point you can organize and control as well as work for others. Like really run you're gang promote members and even create members and add them to your own gang, take over areas and wage war or become allies with other families and gangs as you choose. Of course though i realize that if you take that too far it becomes almost not even a gta game at all but a different game entirely. I don't know, silly fantasy of mine. It would be cool if rockstar did make a game like that using their already created fictional cities.
  5. Well the ideal for me would be multiple u.s. cities. You could travel by plane from LC to VC or wherever else there is to go. But that woudnt happen for a very long time if ever
  6. i one time got lucky and managed to drive by the mouth of the alley right as he was coming out and drive by kill him and just keep on going. Couldn't have been more picture perfect. Havent been able to do that again since though
  7. you're an immense help thank you And Husky, thank you for your actual advice. I will take it into consideration.
  8. So I've only had Episodes from LC like a week and been playing it the whole time and now suddenly out of nowhere the console wont read the disc and it's really weird cause it will start it up and go through all the pregame credits and go through the initial loading sequence where it shows verious game art pics and then as soon as it gets to the point where the actual gameplay is to begin it just freezes up and the disc stops. Is it the console or the disc? other games play on it fine but on the other hand i've heard that there has been a problem with xboxes suddenly screwing up all the time when reading a game that has been frequently played on it. Has anyone else had this same problem and possibly have a diagnosis? Like i said the game starts up but then it just freezes when it gets to the loading point.
  9. I'd say it was someone in the Sindacco family if I had to guess
  10. So I am just now finally starting to play TLAD for the first time and I figured at least they would have given you a few different articles of clothing for the main character to wear but haven't found any yet. Disappointing
  11. I still like to think that Portland, and Staunton Island etc. are still out there just not in gta IV. If that were the case then the Leone's could simply be a portland based family which would explain them not having any part or being mentioned in IV. It's like in real life there are the 5 NY families, but there is also the Buffalo NY family and Rochester too. Leones could have been one of those
  12. Actually there is an M4 in III its the gun right after your AK47 that only goes to 1st person shooter mode when aimed. They didn't have the separate weapons per slot thing like they do in all the rest since. But yeah I've only been sucessful in drive-bying Sal once and I've failed every attempt since.
  13. rosenberg

    Why Wait?

    Who hasn't had the pipe dream of wanting to make their own personal gta? Quite unrealistic though.
  14. rosenberg

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    Yeah or maybe even the offspring of a previous character. Like say if tommy vercetti had a son right after VC. He would be grown now, that would be pretty cool. Having our new main character be another generation of vercetti.
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