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  1. TheFamilyMan

    Music section updates

    The stations are sucking pretty bad so far except for Vladivostock FM, that one is alright, I guess.
  2. TheFamilyMan

    What do you think?

    Same thing I've been thinking of. I bet it's going to be like a mixture, maybe? Or maybe..nothing at all =0
  3. TheFamilyMan

    Introduce Yourself..

    I need a Mac....
  4. TheFamilyMan

    What Do You Do?

    I cruise around and/or start filming my camera and making an action movie out of GTA: VCS. Sounds lame but its kind of funny to watch it over again. EDIT: Sorry, I didn't realize this topic was over a month old.
  5. TheFamilyMan

    Introduce Yourself..

    Is it just my crappy computer or do these forums keep freezing up alot on you?
  6. TheFamilyMan

    Introduce Yourself..

    Whats up, I heard good things about these forums and I hope to have fun here!