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  1. it's just fine.....the laggin problem mentioned above is a problem the rockstar cant do mcuh about and the problem about respawnin rite atside of ppl is also solved because the host chosses where ppl respawn sso there isnt really a problem
  2. gta rulez

    OMFG Huge Glitch (solved)

    you dipshit....use spoiler tags!!!!
  3. gta rulez

    Strange Camera View

    Ye i did kinda ad this problem when i first started playing it but got the hang of it....theres a few ways it does it with me....im asuming uv got the xbox version.....i kept pressin 'b' to break which goes into cinamatic view, tht may b the problem or just press the 'back' button to change views
  4. gta rulez

    Radios in other places

    What would be cool is if you could go to other peoples radio an switch it to another radio station and the person starts giving you dirty looks or start fighting with you or simply just turns it back to his radio station
  5. gta rulez

    GTA 4 without a Hard drive

    Nono what they mean is this, ps3 owners have to install the game to their harddrive it isnt optional, but with the 360 you can chose whether to or not, hard drive = little better performance, but you dont have to... Where did you hear this? Why would PS3 owners have to install GTA IV on their PS3's hard drive? Especially considering how much space is on a Blu-Ray disk. so that all the videos are preloaded on your hard drive equaling barly any loading time at all....which was said about gta 4 ages ago....its also the same with Devil may cry 4
  6. gta rulez

    Possible GTA IV Bundle in Europe for PS3

    lolz...how can it come out four days before the game is actually released but have the game in the bundle
  7. gta rulez

    GTA IV Special Edition

    I dont think these are real for two reasons... 1. they would make it look alot better than that and not just a white rectangle with special edition wrote in the middle and 2. They wouldnt put special edition on the game case because there is nothing different with the special edition game its just all the soundtrack and bag and stuff which is different to the standard edition so in my opinion its fake
  8. gta rulez

    GTA IV: Poisoned & Punish

    that was...pretty dam awsome.....uv just got me hyped up about the game even more than i was....god i so cant wait....keep up the good work and nice stroy line gt there
  9. gta rulez

    Is this real?

    i dont belive this is real for two reasons....1) where are the maps??...2) if this was the real case and game why the hell is he not playing it and releaseing more videos of it???
  10. gta rulez

    What will you do first in the game?

    ill probly end up getting in the first sports car i see, scutch around the city sight seeing and stuff, kill a few peds, get overly exciting and pee myself
  11. gta rulez

    A gtaplace suggestion

    oh i understand now my bad thanks for you'r help
  12. gta rulez

    A gtaplace suggestion

    i think we have our wires cross here lol. i dont mean for new posts on the forums i mean new news here >>> http://www.thegtaplace.com/gta4/
  13. I think that because the gta place is so fantastic, everytime they get new info i fink they should send us an email to say 'new info click this link to see'
  14. gta rulez

    Comments On The Newest Trailer

    i thought the trailer was pretty dam good but the best part was defo were he was reversing from the cops then did a 90 degree turn and sped off. WOW i so cant wait!!!!!
  15. I have just been readin the topic where the ps3's map is revelead ( http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=16412 ) so i looked at the pictures of it and noticed this... hum.bmp Now i cudda swore that there has been a resent topic about there not being pay'n'sprays and will the car wash be useable this time round?