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  1. Where is a buffalo????? I only saw one once!!! where is a parked one, or somthing to do to trigger it? PLESAE HELP!!!!
  2. I even completed the game 100% and i still am curious, but i managed to hijack i regular buffalo from an old guy.............
  3. i completed it in 40hrs, i played almost non-stop
  4. is there an elegy in GTA: IV? i am looking for one.......
  5. My List of Cars Bohan: Turismo-blue Buffalo (NOT FIB)-red Burnt down safehouse None (they disapeared) used to have Corquette and A Banshee-both silver Middle Park East Infurnus-yellow Infurnus-green Playboy's Mansion FIB Buffalo Enforcer Alderny city PMP 600 (BIG indentation on left rear) P.S. Can anyone tell me where a parked location of a REGULAR buffalo is, because i hijacked mine from an old person
  6. You were a little off on how to find the sultan RS, u were right about the mansion, but the Sultan RS is parked in the bushes behind the garage north of the mansion, but thanks for helping me find it, now i have two fav. cars (Infurnus and Sultan RS)
  7. This is a stupid question, first of all, on ps2, when u have a camera, u press L1 to take an save a pic and it asks u if u wanna save it, how do u do that on PC?? i need to know b/c i just made my first car, a Shelby GT500KR. Thanks (if u could help)
  8. I had to find a long way to uninstall the game, and i always move the san an.EXE onto my desktop..... so YEA, but I have a lot of work to do..
  9. :'( I Need the GTA3.img file for gta sa!!!!!!! i acccidentally deleted one of the files but i dont know what! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!! if i try to uninstall the game it wont let me......... modded or unmodded, I NEED THE FILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'( :'( :'(
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