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About Me

I am a junior at Bangor John Glenn High School and I own about 90 games for my original XBox. I don't own a 360 and don't plan on owning a 360 unless some one wants to force one on me. My family has 3 PC's and I currently own all the GTA's up to SA for the PC. I plan to get IV once it is released to PC. I have GTA III, Vice City, and SA for the XBox.

Currently (August 2008) my younger brother and I plan to mod the missions for GTA SA. I am using the Sanny 3.04 to accomplish the task.

Just to keep you up to date, as of 9/27 I have 5 missions done.

Today is October 20th and it is rainy so I am inside working on the mods.

October 27th on my way to bed Vincent and I spent most of the day stuffing snack bags with candy for Halloween. Then we decorated the livingroom for our haunted house I will post some pictures of it on Friday!

Our best digital video camera went MIA all day Friday and then Saturday it showed up inside the clock of all places. So I didn't get one pic of our haunted house. It is early Tuesday morning and I am now getting ready for school. I haven't done too much on the "Tenpenny Stories" this past week but I am getting started back up on that now. I will keep you posted. 11/4/08

Today is Monday, November 10th, and I started putting together the final main, which is stitching all of my custom code into the original main.scm file. The way I am doing this I am replacing many of the game's original missions with my own that have been saved in separate files. So this gives me all the miscellaneous missions like Vigilanti and looking for horseshoes and oysters. Tenpenny has his own unique save locations (it would just be stupid for him to save at CJ's houses) besides being able to save at police HQ, he has a condo in temple and house Bayside. He can go to flight school but it isn't required since Frank is an armature pilot. Most of the missions are completed but I still have one that is the killer. "End of the Line" has to have the roles switched and that is going to take some time. I still don't know how to approach it, I could edit the existing mission or recreate it from scratch. At this point the ETA of my completed mod looks to be sometime in early December.

OK back in December I told all of you nice guys that Tenpenny Stories would be released by Christmas. It didn't happen. My ego is to blame. I played all the missions through as I made them then hired my brother to fool proof the main.scm as a beta tester. Day before Christmas my brother informed me that the code was crashing on some pretty basic stuff. For example, I give you Pulaski and Hernandez at the Donut Shop. You pull up and pick them up. They act as fire support on the side missions. However when you went into Vigilanti the game crashed. Fixed that and another bug popped up. The parachutes wouldn't work (or rather they worked too well). It seems I tweaked out some variables that made you fall so when you jumped from a plane the chute prevented you falling period. Then I hit a major malfunction on many of the missions the script wasn't in the proper format so when you got busted the game crashed. All these bugs have been fixed and now I am working on my exams at school. I am going to postpone release for a few months and make 100% sure there are hardly any bugs and I am going to add some more missions. Thank you for your patience.

JAB B) 1/23/2009

Wow, I have been away for awhile. Almost a month. I plan to work on Tenpenny Stories and get it out for Spring Break. My brother known as ToonSkull on this forum is planning to go to BGSU for the annual anime convention however it is not in stone. He wants me to go in cosplay with him. While I like Naruto, I don't know if I can quite ever understand why I would need to dress up as Shikamaru and run around a University chasing girls. I'd much rather just chase the girls. Well that is off at the end of March so if you are near Bowling Green, Ohio and have the urge contact my brother he knows the site and all the info. Did I mention it is a free event? Yes, I am cheap and like to chase girls dressed in skimpy clothes.

JAB B) 2/19/2009

Ok school is crap, you know how I feel about it. But in more detail this is what happened to me. The last few months. I got summoned to the office at school, Dad and Mom got called into a meeting with the Assistant Principal. He's a cool guy but is all about grades. He tells them I have so few credits I would be lucky to graduate after my brother in 2012. Mom freaks and Dad looks over my grades and says, "He is getting all A's on his tests and classroom work." Mr. B says, "Homework counts as the lion's share.". Dad looks at me and asks, "It's your education what do you want to do? Because quite frankly I don't care if you pull a GED.". OH Boy! At this point Mr. B's eyes are popping out. Mom's looks like she needs her medication. For those of you who don't know a GED is a test you can take and get out of school early. Well I passed on the GED option (for now) I still like visiting with my friends at school. Mr. B told my Dad I wouldn't get very far in life without a formal education. My Dad told him that his Grandfather in Texas had a 3rd grade education and was one of the richest men in Lubbock. His Dad dropped out to get married and raised a family and worked in a Quality Control Lab for a major Steel Company in Chicago. My Dad finished Mr. B off with, "While I have a BS in Computer Science, and own my own business, I too dropped out and finished with a GED. I really don't know why you called us here today, it's his education and to me his test scores are just fine.".

When I got back home Mom kept going on about the evils of computer games and wanting to take away my Xbox. Dad hid in the LAN room. I sat down to watch TV and ignored her. I know the economy sucks and it has to be effecting other countries as well. We can only do so much but I am certain she blames me for that too.

Last month, my girl left me and I got real depressed about it (no not suicidal) but she is dating Mr. Emo Goth Freak and I thought we had a good thing going. Vincent reminded me about Tenpenny Stories and that it would take my mind off the bullshit in my life. Vincent says he is going to college in 2012, to become a video store clerk. By then you might need a college education for that job.

Ok enough tripping down memory lane...

JAB B) 6/20/2009