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  1. Actually I was thinking along the lines of those poor souls with unmoddable versions of GTA or lacking technical skillz. This program never accesses the game itself. It works like this; [uMod] <--IO--> [DirectX 9] <--IO--> [Video Game] DirectX is being manipulated and not the game. You save a list of images inside a zip file and it paints over the top of your game. Same effect as digging into the database for those TXD files. It also can load and dump images from the game while the game is still running. This will even work on Steam accounts. How many times have you told Steam users they can't mod their GTA? They are working on DirectX 8, 10 and 11 compatibility.
  2. My good friend King Brace Blane has added this video to the arsenal of modding tools. They now plan to name this "Universal Modding Engine" or uMod for short. Note: This video is closed caption and can be translated. http://youtu.be/wio00l_mL7g King Brace Blane said he hopes to add mesh deform to the program once they get it out of beta. The only drawback (if you call it that) is the method used for searching the textures. You have to scroll though roughly 2000 textures until the one you want lights up green. They save as dds so far, which can be edited using the gimp. The program never accesses the game but actually uses the DX9 as a go between. I haven't done much more than redo some signs. But the program works pretty well.
  3. Welcome, 1. If the mod is mine? Yes go ahead fix away. My mods include source code so people can do what they want. I don't encourage "mod theft" but if the modder has abandoned his project, can't be reached, or died. Then others have been known to step in and repair or upgrade the mod and give the author of the original version credit. 2. The best way to decide this is to view the number of downloads and read any reviews. Ex: Go to downloads -> GTA VC -> Mission Scripts at the bottom of the list choose Downloads in the "Order by" box and Z-A in the "Sort by" box. The top dog seems to be "New Vice City 2004" with 92,900+ downloads. I better check it out. 3. No. My brother plays VC more than I do. I doubt he has either. 4. Not applicable. 5. This really depends on the types of mods. You can't use 2 banshee based mods, one would have to be altered to be used on another vehicle. Just the same you can't use 2 total conversion mods. Merging mods that use the same files would be difficult but not impossible. 6. Yeah well that goes without saying. Because if they never see it the modder can't really complain. Bottom line is modding can't and never will fall under copyright laws. No modder is ever going to take someone to court. I feel "mod theft" is just pathetic and everyone gets to point and laugh. If for example, someone said they modded a new freeway system for VC. I might think they have just ripped off the one that already exists. However if they used that one and altered aspects of it, they could add their name to the creds stating what they changed. But it remains a collective effort not their mod alone. JAB
  4. tnx man,,,,,i'l sent him a msg,,, Sorry, I haven't been here in a while but as always I am lurking in the dark corners of your room. Actually I got an email from someone who had (has) this same problem. I just uploaded "Tenpenny ALL in One" mod so people can install the files all at once without using the compiler or other 3rd party software. There are instructions and be patient with the loader it takes time. There is a large file that takes time to copy. There are manual instructions on where to place files if you choose not to use the loader. People have beat my missions and some minor bugs persist. If you get stuck on any level a user known as King Brace Blane has youtubed the more difficult missions. www.youtube.com/kingbraceblane If the mission is not present he might make another video for it. Meanwhile I have been up to no good, going to school, planning to graduate, etc..
  5. If anyone is getting a solid blue screen on the "Gray Exports" mission I would like them to try this test main.scm. Thanks, JAB http://www.filefront.com/14431965/test.zip/ or test.zip
  6. A final release is posted to the Downloads. If you already have the JOE distro keep it and download the smaller PRO distro to update your files. The JOE disro is being uploaded as I type. ToonSkull and I will continue to answer questions about the mod but we have given you all our code in the PRO release. PLEASE use it to learn, we are not going to come chase you down saying you stole our code. King Brace Blane on YouTube has beat this mod and said he will post all the mission walkthroughs on his site some time next month: www.youtube.com/kingbraceblane Not all the stuff made it, into this mission. Some missions a two year old could beat. But we made this for you to learn. There are far too many mods that have no point. Be creative and keep working at it until you feel it is complete. Thanks, JAB - Joshua Black EDIT: My uploads crashed but it says PRO made it. I will upload JOE again later. Has anyone besides King Brace Blane (youtube) beat my mod?
  7. He didn't add the textures because I will need to add them when I convert it to GTA. I thought the model would be closer to the Wayfarer but PCJ 600 it is. I will let you know how it goes. JAB
  8. The forum is functional but my pic and avatar are switched around.

  9. You need to change this to reflect the variable used to create YOUR car, [email protected] was used as an example. 00AA: store_car [email protected] position_to [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] = Car.Angle([email protected]) Since you used [email protected] as the car it should read: 00AA: store_car [email protected] position_to [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] = Car.Angle([email protected])
  10. So basically you want to do fire damage. Create fire in front of your hotring using this; Assume [email protected] is your hotring racer. 5.0 is the distance from your car. 00AA: store_car [email protected] position_to [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] = Car.Angle([email protected]) 02F6: $TEMPVAR_FLOAT_1 = cosine [email protected] 02F7: $TEMPVAR_FLOAT_2 = sine [email protected] $TEMPVAR_FLOAT_1 *= 5.0 //distance $TEMPVAR_FLOAT_1 *= 5.0 //distance 0059: [email protected] -= $TEMPVAR_FLOAT_1 0059: [email protected] += $TEMPVAR_FLOAT_2 02CF: [email protected] = create_fire_at [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] propagation 0 size 1 //Size will make it bigger propagation is true or false This remains untested but if the flames appear too close try increasing the distance. Propagation makes smaller fires around the primary. There are a few unknowns working with fires let me know if there are any problems.
  11. I would like to ask what exactly are you attempting? I can find no single opcode to get a particle's position. But there may be a way to work out your problem if we know why you need a particle to injure or damage. For example; if particle is attached to an object or actor then I could go from there.
  12. Paths are called nodes so look for editing tools for node paths or examine the files in Rockstar Games\Vice City\data\paths If you have downloaded Sanny Builder and know how to decompile you main.scm, then look for: 014B: $87 = init_parked_car_generator #DELUXO -1 -1 1 alarm 0 door_lock 0 0 10000 at -1022.6 -868.6 12.2 angle 175.0 014C: set_parked_car_generator $87 cars_to_generate_to 101 This parks a deluxo random color at -1022.6 -868.6 12.2 x y z coordinates in your game.
  13. The popcycle.dat is what needs to be edited. Nothing in the handling.cfg controls traffic. http://grandtheftauto.filefront.com/file/R...pcycle%3B101067 The mod above modifies the flow of traffic by changing the popcycle.dat which is a text file you could edit yourself. Each line is a 2 block starting at midnight and running to 10pm.
  14. There are no simple answers for opcodes. The quickest way to see how an opcode works is to search the original main.scm. This opcode is first used in the drugs mission and later on some other missions. 04C4: store_coords_to $TEMPVAR_X_COORD $TEMPVAR_Y_COORD $TEMPVAR_Z_COORD from_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR with_offset $TEMPVAR_FLOAT_1 -10.0 $TEMPVAR_FLOAT_3 06BC: create_M4_shoot_from 1269.668 -778.8566 94.9557 target $TEMPVAR_X_COORD $TEMPVAR_Y_COORD $TEMPVAR_Z_COORD energy 0 The code above is from the invasion of MD's mansion. 04C4 is used to get the player's position. Then the player's position is fed into 06BC to create M4 gunfire at the player's position from the X Y Z (1269.668 -778.8566 94.9557) position with an energy of 0. I can only guess that raising the energy will make the gun fire more intense. The use of such an opcode could be used for making tank gun turrets or gun fire from unseen attackers. However I would use this code to make an actor fire an M4 at the player: [email protected] = Actor.Create(Gang10, #CWFYHB, -1016.771, -2626.34, 96.769) 01B2: give_actor [email protected] weapon 31 ammo 99999 Actor.WeaponAccuracy([email protected]) = 70 //This number gives your 70% chance of hitting. //This will define the actors actions you can assign up to 8 actions per pack 0615: define_AS_pack_begin [email protected] 0638: AS_actor -1 stay_put 1 07A5: AS_actor -1 attack_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR 1500 ms 0638: AS_actor -1 stay_put 0 0605: actor -1 perform_animation_sequence "GUN_STAND" IFP_file "PED" 8.0 loop 0 1 1 0 time 1500 0643: set_AS_pack [email protected] loop 1 0616: define_AS_pack_end [email protected] 0618: assign_actor [email protected] to_AS_pack [email protected] 061B: remove_references_to_AS_pack [email protected]
  15. Well that is a nice bike, converted a bike from Vice City to GTA III. I will see if my brother can help by making the model and go from there. He is sleeping now and I will let him know about your request. JAB
  16. Wow! Good luck with that. I don't mean to rain on your parade but what you are describing just doesn't exist in GTA SA. You are describing POP (Prince of Persia) animation. And that just doesn't exist anywhere else. There are a few good coders that hang out in here and you could ask over at GTAforums. The place is kind of rough (like a biker bar) so be careful what you ask them and offer them, they get real touchy. Other than that, you can't really copyright any mod because you don't really own it. I know some modders think they can but it just doesn't hold water. I really do wish you the best on trying to animate a wall run. JAB
  17. Make certain you have version 1 if not you will need to patch version 2 with the downgrade patch. This will modify the exe to modding. Next run the installer, as you said select your gta_sa.exe using browse or type the directory in the box. Press install and it will make backups of 3 files and replace them. (READ the docs) next make a back up of you sound SCRIPT and modify using the sound mod tutorial. If you don't the game will sound odd and you can just mute the volume. It is much more entertaining with the sound mods. JAB
  18. You are welcome. We are leaving today at 1pm and supposed to be back Sunday unless Bigfoot eats us. We are traveling about 250 miles up North to go disperse camping (aka roughing it). My Dad's idea not mine. Personally I like my shower and flush toilet but that's another story. I posted the new JOE package last night (early am) to this board and the GTA Garage. 24MB download. For those of you into the game I might suggest you try replacing the main.scm and script.img but all the other files are the same. I had no problem loading the saved game but I imagine the more changes I make that will eventually change. I have found that there is a missing save in Tenpenny's Condo in Temple (supposed to be in his kitchen). Also when you load this and other "custom saves" the interior markers are turned back on and this may cause you to teleport to a totally different area on the map. Such as the apartment in Queens will send you to Creek unless you hit the interior marker first. The game still saves your progress you can just walk back inside and exit again. This stuff has little to do with the actual game play. JAB If I am not back by Monday send in the Forest Rangers.
  19. You are not an idiot or French. Hopefully that's a joke the French will understand. Read ToonSkull's tutorial back on page one of this thread. JAB
  20. I guess I would try the audio fix for it. Some are reporting no troubles running it on Xp others say it crashes on both Xp and Vista. I have it running on 3 machines here at the house. 1. XP SP3 (mine) which has minor crashes mainly when or if I don't save between missions. 2. XP SP2 an older Emachine in my dad's LAN room he said I can use for experimenting. The sound gargles but doesn't cause the game to crash. I put this off due to the poor quality of in monitor speakers and sound card. 3. Linux Kubuntu 8, Vincent's Linux box running WINE which is a silly acronym for WINE Is Not an Emulator. His doesn't crash but he doesn't hear any sound so this issue is cause by a conflict between WINE and his OS. Vincent put it on the neighbor's PC a Dell running Vista (Dad is dead set against Vista) and yes it needed to have the Audio Fix installed. But runs with some minor crashes Vincent is trying to play it through at the neighbor's right now. If you find and submit bugs I will be adding an ending credit sequence to this mod with you name under beta testing. If you submit a code fix for the bug I will include your name in the debuggers section above that. How your name will read is up to you. Such as Jabhacksoul or Joshua "JAB" Black etc.. Thanks for your help, JAB
  21. No but I did use a sloppy in-game editor that gave me xyz coordinates of objects I needed to place. I plan to refine it and make it available as a modding tool. Vinny and I came up with the general concept then we cut back some stuff I thought was "over the top". Vincent still got a zombie mission in there but I explained it as homeless people being used as lab subjects. You go right ahead, you won't hear any crap from me about mod theft this is all public domain now. Have fun with it. But I wanted to let you all know that a user contacted us with a bug that is not a bug. "Path of the Snake" - Spoiler JAB
  22. Did you load the Audio fix for Vista? Even if you are running XP and it crashes you might need to run the fix but please inform us of your OS and setup. This will help me debug for the final release. Thanks! JAB
  23. Wow great Butters! I just got sent this video that a fan posted on YouTube. Spoiler Alert: It shows him lose the mission "Double Boom!" then he beat it. But if people are interested in seeing mod prior to download then play the video. This mission is about 6 or 7 so people are making head way. Of course I believe you could beat the whole thing in just one day assuming you have the time.
  24. I will have Vincent make a short tutorial here, I know he doesn't do them one at a time but I am not familiar with SAAT to say myself.
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