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  1. Fap - Shit, of course I do.... Piss - No, I usually piss in the toilet while turning on my shower, eliminating the need to piss in the shower
  2. ^ reminds me of Britney Spears < recently ate shrimp fried rice V is only available from hours 8-12
  3. Sorry to hear about your loss man. I too lost a close someone not to long ago, and can feel the pain I know your going through. Stay strong and move on. It's probably what your uncle would have wanted for you.
  4. Two years ago, at thirteen, with a girl who hates me now...Oh well shit happens
  5. I did it by taking a bus from Star Junction and driving it out to the Algonquin Bridge. From there, I blocked off the bridge and counted until I had 11 cars (one for insurance) and just shot the bus with a rocket then watched the chaos. I think I shot extra shots into cars across the bridge just to make sure.
  6. I'm Central timezone, and will be available all week after 4 central P.M. However, this weekend I will not be avaiable again because I am going on a float trip for Memorial Day Weekend
  7. Yeah I don't think I can make it this weekend...I got a wedding to go to...Sorry guys
  8. Haha about time....add me Kirby68
  9. Don't know if anybody is still having troubles with this, I found a nice website that helps http://gamewiki.net/Grand_Theft_Auto_IV/St..._Vehicle_Thefts
  10. Hey, I'll be in it, even though I'm in the U.S. Is this fair? Because I'm usually always on anyways... Gamertag: Kirby68
  11. That just made me laugh.
  12. Yeah I was iffy about getting it too, but I was able to barely squeeze it with 29 hours and 45 minutes... I didn't freeroam much but I did complete both Brucie's car exports and Jacob's drug smuggling side missions on the way. I took a cab to a lot of the last missions, and skipped some of the cutscenes near the end (REALLY stupid on my part) because I was afraid I wouldn't get it....
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