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  1. Thats the best advice realy, it took me 2 or 3 trys to beat that mission.
  2. No, Im going to be gone all day so some one can ask a new question later as i wont be able to confirm if the answers are corect till later tonight.
  3. Sorry for not asking sooner. But anyhow: How many tests are you required to take for flight school?
  4. Probly too late but for fun: Guns Jamming, different scopes available for purchase for the sniper rifle, cops will go after other peaple when they shoot you. Being able to carry a silenced pistol, and a desert eagle, make the planes a little tougher, get rid of the 250k when you enter the health & armor cheat. Sabre Turbo, an R.V that has a save in it so you can move it where ever you want. More handguns, dynomite, timed bombs where you can set the Detonation time. 5 or 10% less money for missions, spike strips, being able to purchase bullet proof cars for a hefty amount of money. Rivers that actully have a current, character limps when he falls running/walking speed is reduced. more vocabulary for peaple, you see the empty bullet cases on the ground and they dont disapear in 5 seconds, more jets. Also an in car view where you see through the windshield, not some bumper cam.
  5. Shooting peaple off bridges with the firetruck spray.
  6. Nrg for speed. Bmx bike for fun. Sanchez for going off road.
  7. Knife- its fun sneaking up on peaple and slitting their throat. Desert Eagle- This little guy packs a punch Tec-9- I like the look Combat Shotgun- coolest looking M4- no reason. Sniper Rifle- Its fun to snipe peaple. Minigun- hopping on the trolley and shooting the cars you pass is fun. Molotov Cocktails- great for slowely killing your enemys Spray Can- Makes a great makeshift pepper spray.
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