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    gaming of course...besides that a couple of sports i guess...then err anime shows and mangas.. tv and movies upto a certain manner...whoring XD and yep i hate books :]
  1. Thanks for your comment. I didn't check up my Account since January. So, am late is replying you.

  2. Now the avi is good!! Thx for noticing pal!! 8/10

  3. †Ĵасқ•×•Āѕніяамі†

    Guess on the controls?

    Controls do matter a lot....cuz as long as controls are good..the game will be enjoyment
  4. †Ĵасқ•×•Āѕніяамі†

    Who else is glad that...

    Ahh lance...u are a regular comedian
  5. †Ĵасқ•×•Āѕніяамі†

    The Random Post Topic

    Cool sig....
  6. †Ĵасқ•×•Āѕніяамі†

    Word Association

    Gta bandits
  7. †Ĵасқ•×•Āѕніяамі†

    Realistic cop chases?

    All i wanna say is the cops just shouldn't be noobs comin as a flow of them and gettin capped!! It should be some real action.....