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  1. , jn bnm mnt i used my face like five times i realy am useing my face
  2. ^sure i do *shifts eyes* < i r the bestest V knows im the bestest this is what happin when you do drugs you feel amazing hurt others and your self throw up cuz the drugs messed you up cry for what you did so kiddies smoke and drink but dont do drugs lol
  3. hey guys i never saw a poll like this so i made one
  4. helna likes skinny guys and michel likes`em fat so that can be your prb
  5. av 7/10 9/10 its cool per cool guy helped me when i first came to the fourms this is what happens when you do drugs you feel real good : you get pissed off for no reson and hurt others and your self cry for what you did throw up cuz you did a lil too much then you go to sleep good night kiddies
  6. ^ how will that happen? < dont have xbox :'( V has xbox gamecube ps2 and maby a psp your so rich lol
  7. ^ umm not yet <finished harry potter #6 yay V eats change from a bowl j/k lol
  8. ^wutz air grab? <almost gotta vires on my pc and is happy for akuma wit VC V sent me the vires
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