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  1. I don't think so, when I tried it it said max 10 dollars...
  2. yes, another suggestion by me...I think since the new GTA is out now, we should also add some of the new weapons from the game: 9mm, Micro SMG, Pimp Cane and so on...
  3. I tried out the "steal" item in the GTA shops, and when I used it, all I could steal was a maximum of 10$, I think that this amount is way to small, because the item itself already costs 500$. I think you should range it somwhere between 100$-1000$...
  4. Yeah, you got it ultimateGTAjunkie, chicken... New Word: Fun
  5. It is very easy. I'll post a word, someone searches that word through Google Image Search, and posts one of the results here. They then give the next word for someone else to look up. Example: First Word:Tommy Vercetti now you enter this name under Google Image Search, post one of the pictures you get from that, and write a new word for the next person Please keep it G Rated. Nothing that could offend. If someone is offended by an image, the Admins should take it down. Follow the simple rules, and it will work. Any Questions? Then lets start: New Word: Korn
  6. I have found some cool things which are in SA, but come from Vice City, or GTA 3 which shows that they are somehow linked : 1. Inside Zero's store on the rack by the counter, and on the wall behind the counter there are actionfigures of Tommy and Lance from VC (to get into the store you must have Zero's missions completed) 2.Also our favorite Pornstar Cand Suxx is abck aswell, you can see her on a Las Venturas billboard, or in several of CJ's safehouses, but you must have bought a property outside of the mandatory ones you've been given 3. In VC the hidden package sign was a strange statue, a store in Los Santos has the package on a wall, as it's sign. (can't rememebr where though anymore...) 4.Also, when you play Poker in Las Venturas the Cards have previous characters from GTA 3 and VC, here's a list: Jack of Spades: Lance Vance Jack of Clubs: Darkel Jack of Hearts: Film Studio Director Jack of Diamonds: 8-Ball Queen of Spades: Vice City Girl Queen of Clubs: Misty Queen of Hearts: Candy Suxxx Queen of Diamonds: Asuka King of Spades: Sonny Forelli King of Clubs: Salvatore Leone King of Hearts: Ricardo Diaz King of Diamonds: Donald Love pretty cool huh? I hope none of this has been posted before...
  7. Hey guys, if you want to raise the gun levels of the various guns fast, including the pistol, uzi, etc., simply continue shooting the tire of a car. Your stats for the gun will still increase, but the car won't blow up
  8. It's hard to say, but I think I would say Las Venturas
  9. I have a question about the quizzes, when we make one up, and we set the reward money, does this get payed out of our own bank account or from the forum bank account?
  10. Yeah it works now, thanks alot
  11. Will you be getting the next version? because I think it would be cool to do so , and i bet alot of other people would like it aswell... also i saw that there was a affel mod, where members can buy ticket an win the money in a pot, that would probably be cool aswell to have
  12. I#m not sure, I dont remember...sorry...but would this be possible to do?
  13. The mafia was the coolest it sucks that you had to go against them...or better to say that they would have killed you otherwise...
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