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  1. Las Venturas hands down, I love the feel of the city the atmosphere there is a hustlers dream shaking down casinos and gambling all night. (looks best at night)
  2. Voted for dider's and watches Personally though I would have voted for pigs pen if it had been an option, id like to try that stripper with the naughty school girl look on for size LMAO
  3. I have been playing SAMP for 2 years now, and I still plan to play even after IV comes out.. p.s. Im really looking forward to the bots that will be coming in the next updates (finally)
  4. My first multiplayer experience was in vice and it was my favorite story also, I would love to go back with new graphics. I still play vice online (vcmp) 1-2 times a week just for old times sake
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