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    1.Books<br />2.GTA<br />3.Hitman<br />4.Reptiles<br />5.Poisons<br />6.Guns<br />7.Animals<br />8.Scarface<br />10.Women<br />11.Heavy Metal<br />12.Tequila<br />
  1. BOOKS before WOMENZ?! oh my gawd. :o

  2. Black Monarch

    Three Word Story

    Tony rided on
  3. Black Monarch

    Favourite Shop

    The idea is a little bit strange but still i think its a good idea. I chose Dider-Sachs (or something like that) and chains.
  4. Black Monarch

    Which Gang is the coolest

    I have to answer this, so bump Triads, cause they are the most close to the Yakuza, which is my 2nd favourite after the Yardies in GTA3.
  5. Black Monarch

    Favourite Gang Car

    BUMP Yardie Lobo. Hopping, Leatherish, Jamaican.
  6. Black Monarch

    your favourite gang .

    I have to bump, i just can't resist it. I chose Yardies cause their Jamaican and im too. All hail Yardies!
  7. Black Monarch

    Word Association

    skeleton (dead)
  8. Black Monarch

    Three Word Story

    alot of whisky
  9. Black Monarch

    Word Association

    Box Stabber
  10. Black Monarch

    The Random Post Topic

    Home :: Forums :: GTA IV :: Vice City Stories :: Liberty City Stories :: San Andreas :: Vice City :: GTA 3 :: GTA Advance This forum is not for posting about videogames. This is purely for word and picture based forum games only. Use Gaming Chat to post topics about videogames. Thank you.
  11. Black Monarch

    Three Word Story

    Fucker became the
  12. Black Monarch

    Three Word Story

    to cuba for
  13. Black Monarch

    Three Word Story

    to join GIGN
  14. Black Monarch

    Three Word Story

    killed a bad
  15. I see you post much on the Fun & Games.

    You are a spammer! xD