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  1. which pet you prefer?

    cats pwns dogs
  2. How gay are you?

    I am 20 percent but i really love girls
  3. What's in a name?

    rablo has to be an error of my name my avatar is obvious
  4. chuck norris facts

    here are the chuck norris facts :theres xbox 360 becuase chuck norris did´nt like the other 359 designs ,chuck norris has another fist behind his beard,the viagra is chuck norris solified sperm,the tears of chuck norris can cure cancer is a shame that chuck norris can´t cry,chuck norris knows the last digit of PI ,chuck norris has played gta5 on his ps4 he says is okay,chuck norris dont believe on god, god believe on chuck norris,when god said I will make light ,chuck norris said please,chuck norris can destroy an airplane with just looking at it and say bang.If you know more leave it at the comments
  5. Niko Bellic going to San Andreas?

    Imagine this CJ and niko team up
  6. Would you buy a PS3 for GTA IV ?

    ya said mate
  7. but I recently read about a patch for ps3 I have the ps3 but I didnt have any problems
  8. Don't you find it strange?

    the ken rosenberg one I think he hide on a place
  9. niko pwns all of those not really i pick tommy
  10. The Model Citizen

    I do that when I am boring and i just want to take a ride
  11. Gta4/Call of duty 4

    is true look similar I have that game and when i saw it thought the same
  12. don´t this asshole get tired of doing the most ridiculous things on earth beside bush? he most get help for real
  13. Your Favorite Song ever

    one from metalica,and decadence of disturbed