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  1. My new project is here! The trailer can be found here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9w1tnKdRKM The first episode will be here on! - 4 May, 2008, 12:00 AM! A Midnight Release, you will be able to find the video at midnight at www.youtube.com/gaminghub Thank you!
  2. Total-Junk

    The GTA IV Show-Off Topic

    Watching gangsters beating up cops! Haha
  3. Total-Junk

    Does GTA IV Live Up To All The Hype?

    The framrate issues only affect 360 apparently. Also there is some minor graphical glitches. But there is also reports of a huge glitch at 60% which means you can't get past a certain mission. But I love this game! The sense of realism how gangsters will beat you up for bumping in to you etc. Im really happy.
  4. Total-Junk

    Jack Thompson!

    Shouldn't it be our opinion if it is too graphical seems that we are the people who see it and play it? It dosen't concern him at all. Where not his kids!!!!
  5. Total-Junk

    PlayStation Network IDs

    My PSN is Connor_Burton. Add me if you want to play
  6. Total-Junk

    Social Club isn't fair!

    An hour to go for me. Although won't get play it till after school tomorrow
  7. Total-Junk

    Red Ring of Death!

    Sigh, tough luck. But I have to say one thing. Get a PS3
  8. Total-Junk

    what is better

    I love GTA III so it will have to be LC
  9. Total-Junk

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    I wish that police chases aren't 2 minutes and then the police car gives up. The police car keeps chasing you for a LOOOONNNGG time.
  10. Total-Junk

    Next GTA Location

    Someone who asks for money on the streets. Also thanks Total Access
  11. GTA's have always been designed for the Playstaion range, and if you want to say Live is better quality than PSN. Then cast your mind back a few days when Live went down for 2 HOURS for "Updates" when Xbox has not announced any reason or updates. Playstation has less than 1% fail rate and Xbox has 30%+ Those are my thoughts. P.S - Sorry for the bump
  12. Total-Junk


    I don't use cheats for advantages and I DO NOT save after entering a cheat. I was just playing GTA 3 and I have riot + ped's have wepons and it is SOOO fun. I can not wait to do that on GTA IV
  13. Total-Junk

    Store Openings

    I can't play mine until I come back from school so it dosen't matter for me. My brother in law store pre-ordered and he picks games up after work (around 5 a' clock) P.S - We pre-order ALOT of games
  14. Total-Junk

    why the world needs pay n' spray

    There is an interview on game spot I think, not sure but it says that it WILL NOT take away your wanted level even if no cops are not around you. This is realistic because your license plate wouldn't change and they could still see your face and they could recognize the car.
  15. Total-Junk

    Next GTA Location

    ALOT of crimes are based in London and my dad told me that London has a HUGE amount of beggers, pickpockets etc (My dad is a Detective Sergeant) We also talked to a begger in France and he says that London is a very active begger area. A underground crime story maybe? Maybe you could a part of it? Now that would be cool!