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  1. Finally, after many attempts I finished the last mission. Such a great game and story, now on to finish the rest for my 100% completion achievement. So happy, I beat it in 20 hours.
  2. Dolci

    Last Mission

    I didn't know you needed spoilers in this section. Thanks for calling me an idiot though.
  3. Dolci

    Last Mission

    I do fine on everything up until the point where I fall of the helicopter skid and need to get into the boat, the problem is I get rocketed at this point. Any suggestions?
  4. Dolci

    Smart Shoes

    That's where I bought my shoes, however it says I still need "smart shoes." I have a suit and tie and nice paints. I'm conffuzled.
  5. Dolci

    Smart Shoes

    I'm looking for a place to buy "smart shoes" for whatever reason I can't find them. I've tried the Russian shop, the Modos store, and the one that starts with a P. Any help is welcome!
  6. Dolci

    Does Rockstar Favor X-Box?

    The Xbox is a larger market and it makes sense that R* is favoring the larger market.
  7. Dolci

    Social Club isn't fair!

    LIFE ISN'T FAIR! Sorry, had to. I actually haven't heard of this challenge thing. Game savers will probably get it first any ways.
  8. Dolci

    X-Play 1 Hour Special

    If it is a stream, could someone link me?
  9. Dolci

    Got a call?

    Game Stop called me today!
  10. If you think about it, when is the last time you used a hand brake to do a quick turn around a corner? Most likely never. lol
  11. Dolci

    First Impressions

    Lol, you can do that? Well, I haven't got it yet but try pushing down the analog sticks. That's what I'm thinking, cause in a video this guy was doing it. Probably like the old GTAs.
  12. Dolci

    First Impressions

    Weird question, but how do you change the sounds of the sirens in the cop cars?
  13. Dolci

    Got a call?

    I didn't get one, but I just pre ordered it yesterday so...yea. I'll be picking it up after baseball on Tuesday.
  14. Moral of the story: If you're going to smuggle drugs in condoms, use Magnums.