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  1. the_dude420

    Hummer Police Vehicles

    I hate it when they bring out the hummers... They make good road blocks.
  2. the_dude420

    PS3 Game Saves

    Good. Glad to hear you got the most out of your purchase.
  3. I do not believe so. I am guessing that R* made the stats permanent. However this is just my guess so I could be wrong...
  4. the_dude420

    Some help please..

    I respond to pedestrians cursing at me by shooting them in the face. Same with bad drivers.
  5. the_dude420

    GTA IV Officially Holds 2 Guiness World Records

    Of course they cant. I am waiting for Metal Gear Solid 4 to come out.
  6. the_dude420

    Will it blend?

    Oh well more publicity for R*.
  7. the_dude420

    GTA IV Officially Holds 2 Guiness World Records

    I am very pleased to read this. This means our favorite game developers have a whole bunch of cash which will lead to more advanced games in the future.
  8. the_dude420

    Sony Working On PS3 Firmware To Fix GTA IV

    Good. I am always happy when there are patches for the PS3. Glad to know that Sony is working hard for us after shelling out so much cash.
  9. the_dude420

    How many safehouses are you left with ?

    Good to know. I am looking forward to a .
  10. the_dude420

    PS3 Game Saves

    You don't deserve the save game because you didn't complete it yourself. That would be profiting off of other people's work. Not to mention it would inflate the Rockstar social club. **My helpful answer: Beat the game yourself.
  11. the_dude420

    I'm finally DONE!

    Grats on the 100%... Now you gotta get online and start owning noobs.
  12. the_dude420

    Who rockstar based Brucie on

    I love Brucie... he is one of the funniest characters in the game. I love when he slams his head into the wall until he starts bleeding.
  13. the_dude420

    Some help please..

    I love my aviators, they make Nico look badass.