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  1. Got Titan quest yesterday for 10 bucks, got Star Wars KOTOR II for 5.
  2. Wow..Back when torrents hardly existed...
  3. I pirate thousands of dollars worth of crap here...at least 2 movies a day, and maybe a game. I buy them as well, but I kinda only get 10 bucks a week from my parents so..yeah.. It;s hard to get the games I want here. All we got are brand new games at EB for PC. many movies are also hard to get here, Like Pulse(Even though the movie kinda sucked). I might get a job next year, and stop pirating.
  4. when I first played MP, I saw simularities between the characters, Must be the blackness(Coat, hair..etc..) Or just the setting...
  5. Survive_Or_Shamble_Setup.exe sir, I salute you.
  6. I got some great games here for 10 bucks. UFO Aftermath is freakin' awesome. Morrowind Game Of the Year, 10 bucks. Warlords Battlecry 3, 5 bucks. that is one of the greatest games..evererer.
  7. Mount & Blade, bout time Version 1 was released..Been in beta's for YEARS.
  8. GIMME MY MONEH! BITCH! XD Nice video. Mad TV FTW.
  9. Hmm..Let's see.. I'm gonna see star Wars: the clone Wars..next week.. I bought a new skateboard and Ultima Online...A bit late but meh.
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