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  1. I was wondering is that Didier Sachs a store where you can actually buy stuff or is it just some cm thing? If it's not a real store, is zip the best clothing store? P.S. is there a way to buy military suit or anything that looks like it without using mods?
  2. this is what i do: 1. Climb up, u-turn, go down. 2. find the freeway to san fierro. 3. fly over airport (do it really low)/ 4. fly over water, under [golden gate bridge] 5. fly over the village 6. through the canyons. 7. land. I still can't believe it took you a whole year o.O I can understand maybe that delivery boys mission of Zero but ok...
  3. Why not use the cheat code? (for PS2): Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, up, down, left, right
  4. To beat that level you should know what obstacles are ahead of you; first remove the barrell, then get a plank to make a bridge. Then get a bomb and start bombing all the tanks until Zero says you need to remove obstacle/get a plank. Once you've destroyed all tanks it's really easy to go through. I made it in 3 trials.
  5. Hi everyone, I finished all of Zero's missions but now I don't have nay missions to do. What should I do now? Also, is it better to finish driving school + flying school? thx
  6. But then when you go shoot you go down and afterwards you have to go up again FYI it's on a PSP ^^;
  7. Ask someone to hack it for ya, or otherwise buy the PC ver. then you can get mods etc. I doubt if you can do much on PS2 ver.
  8. Hiya, I have been attempting one mission which drives me nuts: it's the one where you have to fly the mini plane and shoot down the "villains" and return. I can shoot down all of them but then I don't have enough fuel to come back to Zero's store. What should I do in order to succeed? Also, I see all the time the option to self-explode, but would that work? I haven't tried it since I feared that I would fail the mission... Thank you all for helping me~~~
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