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  1. Corza

    Preferred President Poll

    obama i dont really give crap about poltics outside aussie
  2. Corza

    Can my PC run GTA IV?

    ok man buy a new comp
  3. Corza

    Tyko Drift

    i seen an mod where i has the cars of the movie could someone get it out and teach me how to put it on
  4. Corza

    MrLlamaLlama GFX

    hey man could u make me an avatar and sig set with text cloud lucy thanks picture:http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/viewPhoto?uname=stojanoskislave&aid=5157944206679555057&iid=5157944378478246930
  5. Corza

    Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    he is part of an traid gang which i forgot the name
  6. Corza

    no sound?

    is it raining when it happens
  7. Corza

    Next GTA Location

    comeon guys australia what about the Cronulla Riots ur could be one of the guys
  8. Corza

    Austrian Incest dad.

    agreed when i saw this topic i was about to throw up
  9. Corza

    GTAIII Mission Sequence

    nice is there thatmuch missions in gta 3 cool
  10. Corza

    Is gta 3 good

    lol i already started gta 3 god i hate the physics one hit ur upside down
  11. Corza

    Is gta 3 good

    i might buy an copy since i got addicted from gta sa so it is good or crap
  12. Corza


    i am stuck help out on my bro moutian cloud boys misson woozie never seems to get into any car And i'm stuck on mike torno i save him blow up the car go to the yellow dot and it dissapers and no talking and on the map it says its still there
  13. Corza

    Tree Man

    i seen this how could he turn into wood in the first place
  14. Corza

    AFL Grand Final 2007

    i hate geelong cats.i would of wanted power to win but geelong