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  1. Raikkonen to miss final two #F1 races http://t.co/wqv4m2cxYX

  2. This is awesome. Some real life GTA-style shit - Skydivers’ miraculous escape as planes collide http://t.co/uwy1ZW7qPe

    1. BlackListedB


      No problems here with wayward planes in GTA, the skies are rather empty except near the air fields

  3. Chris

    The First GTAV Stunt Videos

    Ever since the release of GTA III and the Insane Stunt Bonuses that could be achieved by completing certain jumps, people have been wanting to perform bigger and bigger stunts. The late Odie helped things along with his great little stunt park mod, while the inclusion of motorcycles in Vice City propelled the scene forward leaps and bounds. I even made a couple of videos myself before stunting really got popular (by today's standards they are both absolutely awful, but show just how far stunting has come since then). GTA V has been out for 6 weeks now, and this has been ample time for stunters to familiarise themselves with the map, find some cool spots, and get used to using and hopefully not abusing Franklin's special ability, or not even using it at all to really impress. A few early videos set the bar fairly low, and more recent videos are now coming out looking pretty impressive. Without further ado, here's a roundup of some of the first and best stunt videos that have been made so far. First up we have couple of great videos that were emailed into us from the Nomad Union crew: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fG_oJoxKQTw EXTREME GTA V CREW STUNTS - [Nomad Union]IGNITOR EXTREME GTA V CREW STUNTS #2 - [Nomad Union]RAW Next up is a stunt montage from Ben Buja, whose name you may recognise from his many GTA IV stunt and blooper reels: Ben Buja's Stunt Montage This one is from Dejv, returning to the scene after a two year break: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3A5REDUPSyQ Dejv comeback stunt montage And finally one from SyperDimon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZMdpv6hMtg GTA 5 Stunts (SD) (2) If you want more, here's some links to other nice videos that have been released: Pro Rider BMX Stunt Montage and Adrenaline Online BMX Stunts from HDee. GTA 5 Stunt Paradise 2 and Stunt Paradise 3 from Japanese stunter cleanerviper. Stunt montages one, two, and three from another Japanese stunter GTADAICHI1990. Stunt montage by Dada9x9. We'd like to post about community creations like these more often. So if you've created a stunt video, or anything else cool using GTA V be sure to let us know about it and if we like it we'll include it in our next post.
  4. Steam rises to 65 million active users, eclipsing Xbox Live http://t.co/Y329HOS5A1 via @verge

  5. Rockstar released some new official artworks earlier today. Technically they're not new, but until now we didn't have high resolution official desktop wallpapers of these. First up is Chop standing guard after tearing up some Balla scum, while owner Franklin deals with the FIB using his Heavy Sniper. See more on our GTAV Artwork page.
  6. Take Two released its second quarter 2014 earnings report today, in it they revealed that they've sold-in (shipped to retailers) 29 million units of GTA V so far in the first 6 weeks. To put things in perspective, this is more copies than GTA IV sold-in in its entire lifetime. The press release went on to mention more records, including those we posted about last month: For most games, breaking the 1 million sales figure is a HUGE achievement, for Rockstar this would have been an unmitigated disaster. Today's announcement means that GTAV is now placed 7th on the list of best-selling games of all time. Impressive stuff.
  7. Chris

    Where can you find Adder Vehicle?

    It often spawns near the horse statue in Rockford Hills. Someone made a video:
  8. #GTAV have cannot good grammar here. http://t.co/mFSI8ewWB3

  9. Rockstar have finally released the free iFruit app for Android today. The delayed release comes 6 weeks after its iOS counterpart, and unsurprisingly because of this many fans are still angry and are venting their frustration with negative reviews. Many simply can't understand what has taken so long, saying the app is clearly a port of the iOS app (for whatever reason it does appear that Rockstar chose to ignore Android guidelines - we see the iOS tab bar in the screenshots too). A number also appear to be frustrated by the app crashing on start up, but these kind of reviews are common among Android apps, and may not be entirely Rockstar's fault. With many now having already finished the game, the iFruit app may offer little to no use now, with benefits such as training Chop somewhat pointless. Despite these criticisms, not everyone is unhappy. 5-star ratings are quickly coming in faster now and the rating is starting to look a little more healthy now. Remember you can also use the app to modify your cars in game, and get your personalised plate. You can also access the Social Club and stay up to date on LIfeInvader. iFruit is free on the Play Store and requires Android 3.0 or above, you'll also need around 250MB of free space on your device. GTA V Themes for PS3 and Xbox 360 GTA V themes and avatars are now available to spice up your Xbox 360 Dashboard or PlayStation 3's XMB.
  10. In case you missed it, Rockstar have posted a quick update on the state of GTA Online, including the GTA$ Stimulus Package that was promised. Read below for details on upcoming features and additions.
  11. RT @JeremyClarkson: What a monumental twat this man is. I cannot wait for the day he goes to prison. http://t.co/d3mU6j0mdK

    1. BlackListedB


      Piers Morgan get under your skin? I don't have anything against him, but I would say he looks like actor Colm Meaney!

  12. Hahaha “@f1fanaticlive: Raikkonen was told: "Kimi get out of the ***** way"Kimi said "don't shout" and swore back at them. #F1

  13. So much nostaligia! #PlayStationMemories. For The Players Since 1995: http://t.co/HwOoPLhQdn

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      I'm actually going to see if my PS2 GTA Stories might work on my PS3 repair unit, but I have a phat PS2 in reserve, and some old PS1 games

    2. BlackListedB


      I see in the PS2 era room on the wall is a Kasabian poster, no one knew who they were back then, if they even were!

  14. Chris

    Your Internet Speed

    The Official Speedtest.net Thread Everyone go to http://www.speedtest.net/ And post back here with the results it gives you. They have servers all over the globe so it's not US based like all the others, you can get an accurate reading of how fast your internet really is. Here's my lame 1Mb connection: I'm hopefully upgrading to 8mb soon though Note: Take the test and scroll down, it gives you the "Forum link", copy and paste it into a post here
  15. 'A wonderful inspiration' - Maria De Villota tributes http://t.co/49fjJOkBNw #F1

  16. Chris

    [SPOILER] Which ending should I choose in GTA V?

    Yeah I'm surprised people are even asking this, I can't imagine anyone wanting to kill off either character, effectively losing a third of the game. If you like causing mayhem, Trevor and his ability are awesome. If you like driving, Franklin and his ability are awesome. Why would you want to kill either of these off and never be able to use them again without starting a new game? C is the best option.
  17. Chris

    GTA Online Forum

    A dedicated forum has been added for the discussion of GTA Online, since it is such a massive addition to GTA V. The forum can also be used for organising matches and inviting members to join your crews. Some of you will probably be looking for other members to add to your friends list on Xbox 360 and PS3, if someone wants to set up a topic for people to post their gamertags and such in then one of the mods can pin it so we don't get loads of similar threads. Discuss GTA Online
  18. This better be as good as the original seasons: Jack Bauer surfaces for '24: Live Another Day' http://t.co/ydhb7PfB8Y via @usatoday

  19. Chris

    GTA Online Fansite Event

    It's that time of year again. The time just before Rockstar release one of their games, when they like to invite some very lucky webmasters out to New York City to play the game before it officially launches! Obviously I did not turn down my invitation, and like the previous times I decided to write a few words about my experience, so if you're interested you can read those here. Much of what we were able to play had already been talked about in recent previews, and of course you've all played GTA V now, so you're all familiar with the gameplay etc. As such, I've only commented on things I thought of off the top of my head, I'm not sure what else you guys might like to know. So feel free to use the forums to ask me any questions you have about GTA Online, and I'll do my best to answer them. I won't be posting any spoilers though so don't worry about that.
  20. Time now for a competition for our readers from the U.K. musicMagpie, the company that lets you sell back your unwanted CDs, DVDs, games and other tech, are giving you the chance to win a Limited Edition Azurite Blue PlayStation 3 console plus a copy of the GTAV Collector's Edition! Want to be in with a chance of winning that? All you have to do is answer one easy question: name the three main characters in GTAV. That's it. Super simple stuff. 1st prize: Limited Edition Azurite Blue PlayStation 3 console + GTA V Collector's Edition (includes: Collectable Steelbook with Exclusive Artwork, GTA V New Era Snapback Cap, Blueprint Map, GTA V Security Deposit Bag with Logo Key + Digital Content) 2nd prize: Copy of GTA V Special Edition (PS3) (includes: Collectable Steelbook with Exclusive Artwork, Blueprint Map + Digital Content) 3rd prize: Copy of GTA V Standard Edition (PS3) To enter, head on over to musicMagpie's GTA V competition page for full details and instructions (you'll need a Facebook account), and remember you must be over 18 and live in the U.K. You have until 17th September to get your entry in. Full terms and conditions are here.
  21. Rockstar have finally let us in on some more details for GTA Online, including the all important question: "when will we be able to play!?" A small patch will be rolling out on Xbox Live and PSN servers starting early morning in the US, that's from about 7 AM EST, so from 12 PM in the UK, early afternoon in the rest of Europe. Once this has been downloaded you should be able to access it. Remember you can jump into online by selecting the 4th (bottom quadrant) in your character selection wheel. Many people have been asking when GTA Online takes place, some were incorrectly told it follows on from GTA V, it doesn't, it is set before GTA V. Rockstar have now confirmed the events take place a few months before GTA V's story starts. There's a lot more information Rockstar have provided, which is quoted below. Finally, there's some exclusive content available for those of you who are Social Club members, which should be everyone by now. Read on for details on what you can get access to.
  22. Chris

    GTA Online Fansite Event

    Yeah met Olli there, he was on the same flight as me actually. Unfortunately that was not me he was talking about, he was sitting over the other side of the room with a different group of guys.
  23. If you're one of the millions of people who likes to use cheats in GTA games, perhaps just for fun, or perhaps to get ahead, then you've probably been impatiently waiting for cheats for GTA V to be discovered. A number of cheats were discovered on day one and we've been keeping our list up to date whenever new ones were found since then. The wait is now over for all cheats to be revealed. Thanks to some enterprising fellows using a variety of methods from trying old cheats from San Andreas, to using scripts on the game, we now have the final few cheats that were missing. You can see all of them, for both PS3 and Xbox 360, on our GTA V cheats page. If you're one of the millions of users of our GTA Cheats app for iOS and Android, you'll be pleased to know both these are up to date with the complete cheats listing for GTA V, please ensure you are using at least version 1.4 for iOS, or 1.4.2 for Android in order to see them. I'd also like to take this opportunity to give a huge thank you to everyone supporting us by using these apps. The iOS version in particular has been doing phenomenally well in the App Store rankings, and in the Top Free Charts has been consistently beating out the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google, Skype, eBay, and more... something which I never believed could happen. It's safe to say that GTA V is truly a global sensation, helping all GTA-related websites and apps to become flooded with new users, and it's practically impossible to find anyone who hasn't heard of the game, even if they're not a gamer!
  24. Chris

    Complete GTA V Cheats Listing Now Available

    Thanks. I get 70% of it. So roughly 69c. I don't ever push for sales of that though, the ads on the website covers all our costs (server being the main one, but also domains, and software licenses such as for this forum). I'd certainly never charge for the app, I believe basic information like cheats should be free to everyone, since they are on the internet, but at the end of the day I also need to make a living, hence why I decided to put ads in the app. I feel they're unobtrusive enough to not bother most people. And indeed the vast majority don't seem to be bothered, so that's great. The website and apps will be around for a very long time I think you're safe to use them in your normal game. It only disables achievements for that particular session. You can just reload your game to continue as normal. I think autosave gets turned off if you enter a cheat, so it stops you from accidentally overwriting your save (not 100% sure of this though as I haven't been using cheats myself yet).
  25. Formula E - FIA Formula E Championship unveils provisional 2014/2015 calendar http://t.co/maUgWt2Xox #FormulaE