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  1. nope, still wont work, and now the one server that DID work, wont!
  2. when i try to connect to a server i get this message: this has happened on all servers ive tried except one
  3. has anbody actually thought if its a jet ski?
  4. thats on maxbot.com, but modding skins is impossible on PS2 i think... thats what google is for!
  5. you just replied to a VERY old topic
  6. thanks, a mod can delete this topic now
  7. whenever i want to add a mod and delete some things E.G stinger.txd it comes up with "dir.. file might be in use.... exciting.." the gta3 image file isnt read-only, so whats happening?
  8. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU ON ABOUT? it doesnt crash your game at all, i save everytime i use it and my savegame isnt glitchy and doesnt crash
  9. your a member of Gtaforums.com am i right? your the one with multiple accounts
  10. cars, boats, planes, helicopters, clothes, weapons, safehouses, things like that
  11. in english? and maybe in the right forum?
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