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  1. the spooky lemon

    MTA VC

    nope, still wont work, and now the one server that DID work, wont!
  2. the spooky lemon

    MTA VC

    when i try to connect to a server i get this message: this has happened on all servers ive tried except one
  3. the spooky lemon

    Could It Be?

    has anbody actually thought if its a jet ski?
  4. the spooky lemon

    Isnt there any way

    no...just no
  5. the spooky lemon

    Grand Theft Auto San Andreas PS2 Modifications.

    thats on maxbot.com, but modding skins is impossible on PS2 i think... thats what google is for!
  6. the spooky lemon


    you just replied to a VERY old topic
  7. the spooky lemon

    user images

  8. the spooky lemon


    thanks, a mod can delete this topic now
  9. the spooky lemon


    whenever i want to add a mod and delete some things E.G stinger.txd it comes up with "dir.. file might be in use.... exciting.." the gta3 image file isnt read-only, so whats happening?
  10. the spooky lemon

    your fave girlfreind

  11. the spooky lemon

    Mod for cheat device

    youve modified this compared to the 1 on gtaforums
  12. the spooky lemon


    WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU ON ABOUT? it doesnt crash your game at all, i save everytime i use it and my savegame isnt glitchy and doesnt crash
  13. the spooky lemon

    Mod for cheat device

    your a member of Gtaforums.com am i right? your the one with multiple accounts
  14. the spooky lemon

    do you like this idea?

    cars, boats, planes, helicopters, clothes, weapons, safehouses, things like that
  15. the spooky lemon

    creat cars

    in english? and maybe in the right forum?