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  1. 1. CAR MODDING.. miss it so much. i went and did Stevie's text message car hunts.. all 30 of em in hope of finding a mod shop. NOPE. 2. Buying houses 3.Bicycles 4. Cops that ARENT annoying as hell 5. General exploration... GTASA was my fave for that. you could go into numerous buildings, and for example jump off them. 6. PLANES!!!
  2. I dislike the fact you cant buy houses, there are no vehicle mod garages (at least, none that ive found, and im 46% through the game with all the islands), the cars spin out WAY too much... Like every friggin mission ends with Niko running from cops, which is also extremely annoying b/c they are EVERYWHERE... The targeting system kinds sucks too.. Like it seems to lock on to the closest person, even if they are behind a wall, rather than going for the guy you are actually looking at who is actually hurting you.
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