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  1. darn this suck it would be cool to be member in liberty city gun club! and no i dont remember when he did that... and the orther thing :S
  2. true.. im 13 , my parrents buyed for meh the game and im not getting psycho or a idiot lol so that guy was alreally mentally lol
  3. as normal blaming a good game. that was a psycho and a real fuckzoring idiot. blame a game? like com'on i think all movies that he saw did more than 1 little game that rock....
  4. well i must say that admins on their forum are real pricks. they banned me for being on orther forums lol
  5. go there to the island there you need to pay 5 bucks to get in. in some corners and you will find
  6. well can someone tell me how can i be member in it. or if its possible Thanks in advance, xe0
  7. sorry for being inactive on xbox . but my live has esperence. but now i buyed it again
  8. mine: xeo094 Hope someone who like freeroam add me so we can play
  9. Count me in :xeo094 im from sweden so gmt 2 i think,right now is the clock: 00:27
  10. well,if you got ps2/ps1 games,its better you buy ps3 so you can play them...
  11. a tip to get better driving skillz,play forza 2....the cars handling sucks in there so if your good there,your exelnt in gta IV
  12. Xe0

    Clan Poll

    i voted for big one to split up,it will be much better that few little clans
  13. Xe0

    Stupid! So mad

    well my tip is:GET AK-47,RPG,Desert Eagle and if someone attack,attack back!
  14. well i think freeroam will rock i just need to fix a internet cable to my xbox360
  15. Well if someone is able to make pics from freeroam on gta IV mp(xbox360) please do it and post them here, i really would like to see them
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