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  1. where is this station on the map... in alderny? where and were
  2. Dude its Michelle not Mallorie. Mallorie is Roman's wife, I think ur cousin would be better off with ending number 2 if u wana hit that shit
  3. if we added stalkers.. would be a cool freaky-ish thing in new york... or um... appartement ghosts..
  4. Is R* able to implement new missions, cars improvements, maps etc.. via DL'able content through the PS3? If so, is it anywhere planned if they will do so ?
  5. I doubt it ... In GTA 1 and 2 i think u could do that to the lights
  6. I saw an ambulance with its strutbar lights on, and when you went inside, no siren but the lights were still flashing... how is that possible to do ? Just thought it might actually be interesting.
  7. Yeah i drove those they are faster than the regular ones... u get them when u got 3 stars they usually are used to close off bridges and stuff.. like roadblocks... check it out ull see
  8. How many safe houses do u get through the game? any pimped out mansions?
  9. Have a cookie. Never thought about it, but yeah, nice way of putting it. It's true though, yeah dressing up CJ was amazing, tattos haircuts pimping rides taxi missions, are gone, I admit, but this is a new begining. You can't expect something new to be perfect. Next game they will produce I'm sure would be released for PS3 and am sure will make it almost close to perfect.
  10. Guys, its obvious, we as a part of this community are all mostly used to the Generic classic GTA layout - GTA 3 being the first of its kind, in 3D form, wasnt very much different than GTA VC and SA, graphically speaking. Since most of the people are used to a specific layout, pattern or whatever you may call it, a sudden change of gameplay and realism can shift ones views about the game. The truth on most part is that most people that say GTA IV was a disappointement, are just suffering a shock, because they didn't get what they expected; If you analyse the situation you can clearly view that if someone is expecting something and don't get what they expect is in no other words, a disappointement. People tend to over dramatize. On my part, if it really matters to you all, think that since this is not what I expected is a good thing. If GTA came back with the same old contexts, and gameplay people would say " Oh its GTA we've seen this before its not surprising " Not to say it's a bad game but were too used to what we've seen in my opinion. My conclusion is that with the arrival of a new platform (PS3 aswell as 360) GTA needed to redeem its own image towards its customers by implementing something that we haven't seen before, and to me this was the best thing they could have done. I went as far as buying a PS3 to play this game, and I do not regret one penny I've spent: This game is amazing, and we need to appreciate what has been given to us. Steve.
  11. Well.. I got the game im pretty happy also i got a ps3
  12. two things first of all as stupid as it may sound where can u buy sunglasses except from that stupid russian store, and 2 , how do you respond to peoples comments in the street on PS3 interface also is there any phones u get after playboy x? Thanks!
  13. Do you really think that after playing and adjusting yourself to the new type of gameplay, the driving still sucked? I mean this game revolves around driving, and who cares if its more realistic.. It's a video game, driving should be fun and not as challenging.. I mean driving should be specialized on a game that only revolves around a car, like Grand Turismo etc.. I read around in the forums when people say ohh its more realistic, but a game is an element that is used to divert you and make you have fun, if its a pain then wheres the fun ? Catch me? w.Also. does GTA 4 have a system like in SA where you increase your driving skills?.. Anyways.. your opinions
  14. Can you turn them Off/On or signal ?
  15. Hello guys, I am new to this forum but I have been a die hard GTA fan. I've owned them all from GTA 1, from London to GTA 2, GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas, and about to buy a PS3 so I can enjoy the new GTA IV. I remember back when GTA 3 came out i bought a playstation 2.. Then I got Vice City.. The reason I would like to get a PS3 is because I would like to play GTA IV since to this day am still enjoying San Andreas. Do you guys actually think it is WORTH doing so for this game, since I have heard many people felt disapointed from it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Steve
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