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  1. I saw this zooming by on a sanchez, there was this manager sign, and im good at taking photos with my trusty camera check this out, i guess its a spoof off of Max Payne, Rockstars Noir game. look closely at the sign and it says Max Pane, Store Management. sorry for its size, i play in 1280x1024 and some may not be able to see it, although the gfx are on very high, i have dual 7800's so its clear for me. but people with older gfx cards may not see it...
  2. My top 5 of all time would have to be (in order from favorite to least) 1) Bullet - Ford GT40 | Handles like a charm going 126mph 2) NRG500 - Honda NSR999 | Fastest bike, hit 114mph and handled amazingly. 3) Quadbike - Quad | Awesome for mountains. 4) Banshee - Dodge Viper | Can you say SPEED? I hit 137mph with it once, but it didnt handle well at all. 5) Vortex - Hovercraft | Land and Sea capable. *Speed calculations were done using Spooky's Speedometer for all of the GTA Versions. And by the way, does anyone know of any other speedometer mods for GTA: SA? I kinda dont like how spooky's gets in the way of everything.
  3. you and bo? so youre a guy who lives on a farm eh? i find that hard to believe anyway, i couldnt vote twice, but i bought the xbox and ps2, and... "obtained" a full working San Andreas for PC. I like rockstar, just didnt have another 50 bucks to cough up...
  4. Renegade

    NFSU2 help

    Can you upload that save for me? Please?
  5. hey thanks man. will do. it still does it to me... :/
  6. Queen is my FAVORITE. Then it would have to be Stones. and then Guns n Roses. Then AC DC, and most definitley Beatles.
  7. 1. Tupac Shakur 2. 50 Cent 3. Busta Rhymes 4. Eminem 5. Snoop Dogg
  8. The name of the virus is NITEAIM.exe I hexed it and it is simply a AIM looper. Its .exe has a .dll coded into it (amateur) and when you boot up it autoexecs itself into AIM. It launches a trojan coded "alpps+_sjddAIM.exe:ok_wait_wait_wait" thats the loop code, and it just makes you send a link either as .jpg.exe or .jpg.jsp Its a very amateur virus, just delete NITEAIM.exe and you're good.
  9. Hi, I am Renegade. I enjoy PC gaming more than console gaming, and have both the PC and PS2 version of GTASA. I also play HL2DM, CS:S, CS, NFSU2, BF2, AA, and UT2004 - all on the PC. I enjoy GTASA the MOST simply because you can do anything you want in that game, which automatically makes it the best. I hope to join a gang, but for some reason the board logs me out every time I click 'Apply for a position'. Or, I am logged in, I click 'Apply for a position' and it returns the error 'ERROR: Guests can not use the gang system'. I'm not sure what that's all about, but anyway. I think your guys' whole GTA simulation is freakin' awesome. Oh yea, how can I get some cash? I kinda want to buy a piece. Lol. Is there a way to make money, or only by interest? Can I sell stuff? Or make a store? Anyway, I plan on being a regular at these forums. Happy to be here.
  10. Renegade

    NFSU2 help

    I was wondering if anyone had a saved game with everything unlocked so I could build a car or if anyone had any cool mods for the game. Im talking about the PC version. Currently I have a 1999 Nissan Skyline with everything except ECU at stage 3. I have a pretty nice car overall, I just wanted to make my dream ride just for fun once in a while. Does anyone have a saved game or anything. I also havent unlocked cool doors, etc.
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