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    Would you buy a PS3 for GTA IV ?

    this topic doesn t make much sense because theres GTAIV for xbox360.
  2. JROCK

    MrLlamaLlama GFX

    I would like you to make me a sig containing the following aspects: -this image -i will be honest I dont know what should you put so i will leave it to u
  3. JROCK


    Yeah i know GTAIV is better but i dont know because i tried all of them and having one that i didnt. i will think about it.
  4. JROCK

    Next GTA Location

    I think they should make a totally knew city.Its starting to be a little repetitive. Before you start saying that GTA is great and all that you have to admit that there always the same cities im not syinh there not emproved but there always the same
  5. JROCK

    San Andreas or Vice City?

    Well i think i just have to say one thing you can't swim.