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  1. Even if all he says was right it isnt a game that will ruin a country reputation PS-Serbia hasn`t got a good reputation
  2. No one likes me

  3. Its bad but who gives a shit

  4. JROCK

    I am a failure i should kill myself

  5. I doubt that there is life on Mars. Water,yes Life,no
  6. my xbox died in my vacations
  7. My xbox 360 is experiencing the 3 rings can i do something or i have to call assistance
  8. JROCK


    Happy birthday to me yeah 14 years old
  9. thanks, happy birthday to me =)

  10. London would be cool a question if we can choose character customization option why would we choose an ethnicity ???
  11. yeah he must be a real professional
  12. If we have luck we will only loose for 5-0
  13. who would be that stupid
  14. I heard that fhotoshop is very expensive Just because English isn't your main language its not an excuse to write poorly (my first language isn't English)
  15. I have to say that you Sig is the best sig ive eve seen

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