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  1. Who is the best football player of the world. I say Cristiano Ronaldo.
  2. JROCK


    Is it worth buying for PSP or it sucks.
  3. JROCK


    Even if all he says was right it isnt a game that will ruin a country reputation PS-Serbia hasn`t got a good reputation
  4. JROCK

    Where you buy your games?

    I buy in a local shop
  5. No one likes me

  6. Its bad but who gives a shit

  7. JROCK

    I am a failure i should kill myself

  8. JROCK

    The Random Post Topic V2.0

    I wanna say that im still alive
  9. JROCK

    Martian Life Found on Mars?

    I doubt that there is life on Mars. Water,yes Life,no
  10. JROCK

    Red Ring of death

    my xbox died in my vacations
  11. JROCK

    Red Ring of death

    My xbox 360 is experiencing the 3 rings can i do something or i have to call assistance
  12. JROCK


    Happy birthday to me yeah 14 years old
  13. JROCK


  14. thanks, happy birthday to me =)

  15. JROCK

    Diesel & Vans

    how can you do that.
  16. JROCK

    What If The Next Gta Was Up To You?

    London would be cool a question if we can choose character customization option why would we choose an ethnicity ???
  17. JROCK

    Realistic Niko Bellic render

    yeah he must be a real professional
  18. JROCK

    European Championship

    If we have luck we will only loose for 5-0
  19. JROCK

    What are you currently playing?

    I am playing GTA4 finally
  20. JROCK

    Wii Warnings

    who would be that stupid
  21. JROCK

    Lego Beats GTA IV Off Top

    LOL idiota, thats Portuguese
  22. JROCK


    well i was on my way to buy GTAIV when i thought if i should buy vice city stories. do u think its worth buying