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  1. Rockstar Games have updated their SocialClub with online leaderboards for all gametypes in GTA IV. You can compare your stats with everyone else in the world and use filters to help find data you're looking for. Though lots of it are the same as the multiplayer stats you can view in-game, it might still be interesting for those who want even more detail. Source: Rockstar Social Club.
  2. Hey, about your new site, could you tell me the exact release? Because I defenitly don't want to miss it. Anyway, do you pay for that site? Because I can't find any host that lets me choose my own URL for free. Please help, I want to start a Sims 3 site. Thanks Please reply in private message.
  3. Actually, you need to fire your bazooka at the ground, you will fly high but still survive. This works. PS: by the way your dream cars are a living beauty..!!
  4. Mark Harris, from the UK, received the Special Edition of GTA IV and constructed something incredible out of it. He actually got the idea of using "The donor PC" (with Slax as OS, and a 1GB CF card connected to the IDE controller with a Compact Flash Adapter) to fit in the case that came along with the Special Edition. This resulted into a fully-operating system, a real, true GTA-PC. Of course he had to make changes to the case, and had some space remaining to fit a hard disk to add some gigabytes. Here are some images of the "GTA-PC": If you have 5 minutes, be sure to read the full article (including other images) at Mini-ITX!
  5. Yeah Chris, I only received the e-mail today, and I went through the site and I have to agree with you, it really is a minor update. See ya.
  6. Rockstar have just updated their site again! - The Multiplayer Section is updated, with new images and information. - The Music Section too, with brand new exclusive music. - Reviews and More.>Although they only posted the 10/10 reviews, the other ones that gave less, aren't posted (guess they want to show how proud they are!) So be sure to check out their official site. www.rockstargames.com/IV Thats all for now.
  7. Please could you make me a cool graphic card. I don't really care exactly what it's meant to look like. Please could you just make me a nice one, and a moto that fits with "TomNeckermann". Underneath I will put: "Thanks to the great "MrLlamaLlama" for this awesome sig!!" Please give me notice when it will be ready. Thanks so much! TomNeckermann
  8. Yeah, I am obsessed, but hey, it's my way of life, I don't give a crap or two about it... Anyway, God Bless and thanks for the comment...

  9. Tips on Driving Do what was previously said by Cat Licker, but when you go fast in the corner, do this. Push the brakes when you are 6 meters from the turning point, hold them in and then when you start turning, quickly tap X once (handbrake). Following that, accelerate while turning in the opposite direction. You should make the turn nicely then, but this does require training, so be careful. More tips? Send me a message. TomNeckermann
  10. I don't get why you seem so obsessed with huckleberry pie.

    You're a boy, I mean C'mon!!

  11. Good news for the New Zealand Gamers!! A lot of contraversy has been going on following the 16+ edited-version of GTA IV in New Zealand and Australia. But now the "Office of Film and Literature Classification" (OFLC) has officially given New Zealand the "go ahead". Be sure to read the full article at Geekpulp. (Source and Article: http://www.geekpulp.co.nz/2008/05/21/gta-i...ealand-streets/ )
  12. if u want a source than go check this website in the game
  13. You need to do some side missions for Roman, go play darts with him, and date Michelle, Kate, and other chicks.
  14. Try and take out your bazooka in mid-air, then when you nearly hit the ground, fire.
  15. Some more land, something different, with a desert and a quadbike. Hopefully the mansion and the sportcars which I expected in the original GTA IV. PS: To Chris, Have you received my e-mails? And my private messages? Or are you just ignoring me?
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