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  1. Both are same actually. Savefiles created with the Steam version work with v2 scripts.
  2. Your PC is bordering on minimum specifications. I hope you're running the game on the lowest possible settings. Also, you can disable sound acceleration to gain a few fps. Start > Run > Type 'dxdiag' > OK > Sound > Drag the acceleration slider to the left.
  3. You can't buy them by walking into an auto shop but you can import a few selected vehicles from the Easter Basin Docks in SF once you've completed the export list.
  4. What are your system specifications? Do you have any mods installed?
  5. I ran the game at a resolution of 800x600x16 at all settings low. Additionally, I turned off sound acceleration that helped me gain a few fps. Go to Start > Run > Type 'dxdiag' > OK > Sound. Drag the acceleration slider to the left. And the patch won't work if you have v2 or you're using a no-cd crack.
  6. My new video card is a ATi HD 4850 that cost me about $180. But that's maybe because I'm in India. It should cost lesser where you live. Besides, it depends on what your budget is. @S-V: I'm not sure if it is supposed to fix it. It's supposed to fix the crash when you enter advanced display options. I was running the game at a higher resolution than that but I still used to get the black roads issue.
  7. Yep that`s what i meant, i got ATI Radeon Xpress Series 200 or just Series /(Not sure) ;>< but theyr both rly crappy but it says it haves 256MB and i got 446MB RAM and 2.19GHz and i should be able to run it but no.. Hmm... That's the exact same integrated video card I had on my older PC and I could never get rid of the black roads. Sadly, it's something you'll have to live with unless you upgrade.
  8. This happens if you have a period (.) in your Windows User Account name. Create a new user account without a period (.) and you should be fine.
  9. What you have is a ripped copy of the game wherein the audio is taken out to reduce the overall size of the game. Just buy the game and you won't have any problems.
  10. Yeha.... And it also makes our levels tough Dating our Girl Friends. We have to press UP DOWN rapidly.And I never pass them You can use SA Censor Remover to pass the dates successfully.
  11. Do you mean the black roads? If that's what you mean, then there is no known solution to it besides upgrading your graphic card. Which graphic card do you have, btw?
  12. lol, stop diagnosing the error report. That's not going to help. @frederic: What version of the game do you have? You need to download save specific to your game version only. If you have downgraded your game, you'll still need to use v2 saves.
  13. I assume you have a virtual drive running. Turn it off. (Daemon Tools, Alcohol 120%, PowerISO. etc.) And the patch won't work because you're most probably using a no-cd crack and the patch works only with the original v1 exe.
  14. What version of the game do you have? And what version were the saves that you restored? If the saves and your game both are v2, I'm guessing that you must have downgraded your game the first time you played. So, you'll have to downgrade it again for the saves to work perfectly.
  15. It is the modded car that is causing the problem. An unmodded Savanna won't give you this problem. You better ask someone in the modding forums about your issue.
  16. If you're talking about the race mission 'High Stakes, Low Rider', then you need to be in a lowrider only. I cannot understand your other question. Can you be a bit more clear? And please reduce the font size. We aren't hyperopic.
  17. Err...hmvartak's site has no option to repair the problem that the TS has mentioned. @sumeet: Upload your savefile at GTASnP so that someone can have a look at your save and if possible do the mission for you. Do you have any mods installed?
  18. The problem does not lie with the save, but the game. If you haven't installed the mod properly or the mod files are inappropriate/corrupted, your game will crash either at the load screen or whenever the game has to load the modded car. Once the faulty mod is removed, your save will work as before.
  19. The first thing to do in cases like these is to update your video drivers. This solves the problem most of the times. If not, please post your system specifications as stated above.
  20. What mod are you using? Is it a script mod where you replaced your original scripts with modded ones?
  21. Where did you find them? On the internet or in the game files? The skins are in the game files because they are used in the game. As for the skateboard, that was supposed to be in the game but was taken out from the final release. A mod, however, allows you to put the skateboard back in the game.
  22. I'm straight and not very safe. Babes with boobs, stay away or you'll regret.
  23. Well, this is probably late but I haven't been active for long. I'm Girish from India and my favourite GTA game is San Andreas. If any of you guys are on GTAForums, you might know me as 'girishb'. I'm the SA forum moderator over there. Looking forward to spend some good time over here...
  24. You haven't specified the name of the mission you want help on. Please do.
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